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Richard Walker from Pasadena California American entrepreneur / activist
started young
Walker is the co-founder of get game entertainment an entrepreneur
in the hip-hop field, label getgamebaby and founder of getgamebaby
Music group.
while performing in Las Vegas Nevada With Richards T & the stereo band
also held management over Jam time productions for Richard t.
producing artists, i have also performed across the united states
and i hope i am one of the first pioneers to perform anti-drug songs in schools
from Denver co and beyond.
i try to stick to my own style but because i am from the west coast
i tend to sound like some of the artists i like such as snoop-doggy
too-short/ ice-cube and more,
those who co-star on my tracks they
have there own style some of these songs will give you a look into
the streets and we will give you the perspective of some((real))
life to know and look out for, getgamebaby


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