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Eric Jerrell Jones, Better Known By his stage Name Rellyrell24br, Is an Baton Rouge, La , based Independent rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and Activist. His music has It’s roots in the Hip-Hop, R&B, and New Testament Gospel Rap of American Music. He’s best known For His Singles,” Your My Angel”, “Down Down Down”, Which debut on Soundcloud and Youtube Platforms Yearly. He’s Expected to release his first EP Album, “Mirror”, Early 2020. Which Premiers his First Global Publicize EP Single, “Do Unto Others.” He is regarded by many spectators as one of the most unknown, but known underground and influential Musician of his generation. He elaborate in his music ”stating That.” Key ideas of  his songs  is expressed in the title and elaborated in the lyrics with intention to spark the mind of the listener, Fans on His Social Platforms debate Greatly Discussions on his single.” Do Unto Others”, which is said to give an Overall Explanation and reasoning of living in the creation of music and life itself.



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Do Unto Others” is now

his next Focus to present his upcoming EP Album debut,”Mirror”. MARCH 24 2020 to give hope to the hopelessly 




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