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Randy E. Bishop


Blues, Country, Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter


Houston, TX



Randy E. Bishop values relationship, family and accessibility.  These ideals are woven throughout his songs, and he works at making music that is fun, entertaining and relatable to the listener.  Writing and playing Country music, with elements of Swing, Blues, Rock and Pop, Randy has a harnessed his years of experience into providing a great sound with an original edge.


Drawing inspiration from the music of Johnny Cash and Paul McCartney, Randy’s blend of old school Country and Pop music is evident.  His songs are filled with familiar beats, catchy hooks and relatable experiences.  Remembering growing up in a small town in Ohio, Randy recalls listening to “Live at Folsum Prison” with his father.  He was immediately captured by the honesty and raw nature of the performance.  Hearing songs by the Beatles with his brothers, Randy grew to appreciate the nature of Paul McCartney’s writing, making every song a moment shared, memorable, and one that you want to sing along with.


You can hear these influences in Randy’s own songs.  In “Small Town Ohio,” you get the sense that you never leave home.  In the song, “Pop,” you are pulled in by old-school country strumming, while hearing about his father, and the relationship they had.  “Crazy About My Girl,”  a fun, country-blues influenced piece, introduces you to the love of Randy’s life, his wife Kerrie, both in words, and as she joins him to sing, much like Johnny and June Cash singing together in many songs.


It is evident in everything that Randy E. Bishop writes and performs, that he is no stranger to sharing life’s experiences with the listener.  From his first album “Walk Upon The Water”, through the many singles he has released, he tells stories and shares insights, frustrations, hopes and dreams in every song.  Saying that “you never leave where you grew up,” Randy continues to believe that we are all a product of our experiences, and that by sharing those experiences with each other, we all become family and are never alone.  After all, that’s what life and relationships are all about.




Randy E. Bishop began his musical journey watching his older brothers play in a rock and roll band while he was a preteen, as well as singing with his mother at church and listening to his father play guitar and belt out old Hank Williams, Gene Autry and Johnny Cash tunes.


After years of musical endeavors from touring in a Top 40 Duo in the 90s, to 16 years as a worship musician, Randy settled into his first love;  Songwriting.  He took to his roots, recalling his father playing and singing country tunes.


Randy’s version of country includes old school rhythms, as well as elements of swing and blues, with some of his brothers’ rock influence thrown in as well.


In 2017, Randy secured a distribution deal with Bentley Records, which has yielded an album, “Walk Upon The Water” (released 2017), as well as multiple singles released throughout 2018.  Most notably in this time, the releases, “The Best Part Of Texas” and Damn Good Country Song” solidified his direction towards country music.  The songs “Small Town Ohio” and “Hottie Hot Stuff” serve to show Randy’s blues and swing influences.


His first music video, taken from the title cut of his album, “Walk Upon The Water” was released in October 2017.  The music video “You Gotta Do Something (When There’s Nothing To Do)” was released in Summer 2018.


Currently, Randy is preproduction of a new album entitled, “The E Is For Everything”, with 13 new songs.

Fact Sheet


Born:  July 19, 1965

Birthplace:  Marion, OH

Children:  2 daughters, Vashti and Christianna

Grandchildren:  Eli and his brother Sean

Married:  Kerrie, Nov 3, 2017




Randy E. Bishop

Album:  Walk Upon The Water.  Released Oct. 2017.

Written, Performed all instruments, Lead Vocals and BGVs, Recorded and Produced. (w/ Christianna Bishop on BGVs)



You Save Me (Acoustic Single)

You Have My Heart (Radio Edit Single)

Angels We Have Heard On High

The Best Part Of Texas

Window Kiss

There She Goes

It Comes Out Of  Nowhere

Run To Me

Waiting For My Baby

You Gotta Do Something (When There’s Nothing To Do)

Damn Good Country Song

Hottie Hot Stuff

I Think I Need To Start Drinking

Freedom To Choose

Crazy About My Girl (w/Kerrie Bishop)

Small Town Ohio


The Waffle Song

It’s Alright

Written, Performed all instruments, Lead Vocals and BGVs, Recorded and Produced.



Lyric Sheet

Damn Good Country Song

It’s three o’clock in the morning, I just walked five miles
And I cannot see a thing
My truck’s on empty, my cell phone’s dead
I can’t give you a ring
I hear the coyote’s singing, my ears are ringing
Got my hand upon my gun
Never thought I’d be here in a hundred years
Feeling like I want to run away
And all I know is this will make one…

CHORUS: Damn good country song
Where everyone can sing along
We’ve all shed tears throughout the years
Can tell some stories that made us strong
This is a damn good country song
So, everybody sing along
Raise your beer, and give a cheer and sing a
Damn good country song.

I lost my job last April, my funds ran dry
Now I work at Taco Bell
Had to sell my rifle just to buy some booze
Now my life’s a living hell
My wife is always nagging and my friends are bragging
About their time spent in the sun
Never thought I’d be here in a thousand years
Feeling like I want to run away
But I can say that this will make one…



Freedom To Choose

I’m gonna sit my butt down, write a song
Gonna play my music all day long
I’m gonna write some rhymes throughout the year
Gonna sing my songs for all to hear
CHORUS: Oh, I’ve got, I’ve got the freedom to choose
Oh, I’ve got, I’ve got the freedom to choose

I’m gonna eat a steak, and drink a beer
Gonna make a toast towards good cheer
I’m gonna drive real fast in my new car
Gonna stay real close, then go too far
BRIDGE: No one can take away
What you want to be today
So, don’t allow fear and doubt
To drive your freedom out

We’re gonna take a stand and keep control
Of freedom.  Now, it’s ours to hold
We’re gonna raise our voices, bend our ear
To freedom’s call and keep it dear
CHORUS 2: Oh, we’ve got, We’ve got the freedom to choose
Oh, we’ve got, We’ve got the freedom to choose

TAG: We’ve got the freedom, we’ve got the freedom to choo


Press Quotes

Bishop began reminiscing about his hometown, giving him the idea to write a song.

“Who you were never leaves you. That is the idea of the song in a nutshell,” he said.

Said of the song “Small Town Ohio” in Marion Star newspaper, Aug 2018




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July 2019:  Houston, TX

After moving his family from Orlando, FL to Houston, TX, Randy E. Bishop is working on a new album, tentatively titled “The E is for Everything”.  After taking some time to write a slew of new songs, Randy anticipates having 11-12 songs on this new release.  Release date is still to be determined.

Randy E. Bishop


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