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Wassup everyone I’m a new upcoming artist who goes by the stage name of Pnpmar. I’m 19 years old and I’m from Philadelphia, PA. I’m a very diverse artist and I love to hop around to every genre of music I can, but my favorites are Hip-hop, Rnb, Jazz, and Blues. I’ve always loved music but I never thought of making it myself until about two years ago. As a kid I would always listen to people like Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dog, Big Sean, Neyo, Mario, Stevie Wonder, Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Tupac, Chance the Rapper, and etc. When I was 15 I didn’t really think about making music until an artist from my city named Pnbrock started to blow up. Once I heard his sound and it motivated me to make songs, but before that I used to write a lot of poems. The songs I wrote usually touched the Rnb genre and they would be about a minute long so I could post them to my Instagram account. Everyone actually loved them so I continued to make music or rather short cover songs. In 2017 I discovered a rapper by the name of Xxxtentacion and he became my idol along with Chance the Rapper. Hearing Xxxtentacion’s songs helped me with the lonely feeling I had in me as a kid because I was a very quiet person and kinda anti-social. Hearing Chance the Rapper along side of the other music I listened to made me view my idols as not just rappers but as artist because they always touched more than one genre of music and put their soul into their music, so I picked up on that and one day had a mental break. I than began to teach myself how to use a music software called Fl Studio and at first it was hard so I gave up because I didn’t understand the process of making a beat and mixing/mastering it. On to the summer of 2018 I had nothing better to do so I began to teach myself once again how to produce music and I started to understand it with ease. By 2019 I had dropped my first single called “How Would You Feel If I” around the month of May. All my friends loved it and supported me which made me continue to make music. By November 2019 I dropped my first Hip-Hop album called “Mixed Trap” and understood more about music. I learned how to mix, punch in, keep flows, find melodies, rhyme words, and make adlibs. Making my craft or my own style came easy but delivering my emotions, words, and clean recordings was all learned from a Producer named Andrew that built his own studio and it goes by the name of “Repercussions Studios”. He always gave me good feedback and even told me if something was trash so I grew respect for him because I was able to work well with him and get better to achieve my goal. Now I’m aiming to be the words biggest artist.


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Check out  Pnpmar’s new Hip- Hop album “Mixed Trap” and new  R&B single of 2020 “Sex Tricks”. Mixed Trap is Pnpmar’s first album of 2019 and about 90% of it was a freestyle. He is the writer of all his songs and was very creative while making his first album. Sex Tricks is an Rnb song made by Pnpmar that was made to help men get the ladies where they want them once they get in the room to make love. He describes it by quoting Trey Songz ” This right here’s a panty dropper”.


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