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PNN was born May 15, 1985 in Sumter, SC. He was raised in Florence and Beaufort, South Carolina. Inspired by the song “Ghetto Vet” by Ice Cube, he wrote his first rhyme at the age of 13. PNN is also talented at making beats. He started making beats on a Sony D.J.X 3000 keyboard. Using his keyboard, a tape deck, and a mixer, he began recording solo tapes. At the age of 18 in 2003, PNN was featured on DeepInIt rec.’s “Y’all Ain’t Ready”. PNN was also featured on St. Helena S.C.’s rap group D.I.B.’s “Say Something” remix in 2004. Since then he has created 3 Mixtapes and 2 underground albums, and attended 2 performances. PNN has an outgoing, motivated personality and has worked hard to bring the sound of the deep South to every one’s ears.

Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B, Rap.

From: South Carolina/North Carolina


Mixtapes: “Carolina’s Finest vol.1” (2009), “Carolina’s Finest vol.2” (2011), and “Unbreakable” (2013).

Produced/co-produced: underground albums: Self produced “Laugh Now, Laugh Later” (Halloween 2014) and co-produced “Plywood Floors” (Mar.26.2017). PNN uses beats produced by himself and various producers for his Mixtapes/Albums. All Mixtapes are for nonprofit use and are given away for promotional use/Free Download, and can be accessed through links provided.