Madisonville, KY, United States


Started out in the backwood’s of a coal mining ghost town. Muhlenberg County, KY is the home of a group called Phi$hbone Entertainment. Traveling through the darkness, nightmare’s, and hard time’s to get where they are now has given them all the material they write about in their song’s. Their first album, Methenberg County, is just another day in the life of a couple homegrown country boy’s, Bryan Gregory (DIRTYB,) and Kevin Willoughby (WORMBEATZ,) who found their outlet through grungy hip hop music, and dirty story telling. They started releasing recording’s they made in an apartment in Bowling Green, KY with a PA microphone taped to the wall. They have since graduated to full blown home studio’s, and taking their craft very seriously. Still, they have not strayed from their root’s, and have not forgotten where they came from. This music has been a long time coming. And, there will alway’s be more as they use the process of coping with day to day life, the struggle, and just anything in general, by translating their hardships, and memories into song. Its always been, and always be, Phi$hbone, forever.


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