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Paul Law



If you are one who typically judges a book by its cover, you are very likely to miss out on Paul Law, AKA “L.A-Dub Baby” He is an incredibly charismatic producer/singer/ songwriter with a huge personality, proudly born and raised in Kansas City!

At, 6’3’, this muscle-bound singer is not the typical artist in image or style and he remains in his own lane, crafting melodies, harmonies and vocal production that sounds “familiar”, but ultimately is not like ANY other artist.

His production company “We Tha W.A.V.E. LLC” (We Are Vibe and Energy) is comprised of himself, Frank Hubbard Jr and Tyree Johnson. Together, they create a refreshing W.A.V.E. of music that is soulful, passionate, full of emotion and personal “situationships” that are combined with dope beats, catchy melodies and heavy basslines.

It’s important to me to be unapologetically Paul Law. I want nothing more than to be the best that I can be and share my pure, genuine energy with the universe through my music and motivation.

I truly believe that YOU can be great, and I can be great at the same damn time so…No haters allowed! Just ride this W.A.V.E. (We Are Vibe & Energy)
-“It’s Wavyyy Babyyy”