Cris Cray: Leader of the New Age Spiritual Music Millennial’s

Sixteen thousand five hundred forty-three people reside in Stuart, Florida as of 2019. Stuart, Florida is known for many things, but not for Hip-Hop. Global Recording Artist Cris Cray is driven to become a Hip-Hop Icon & open doors for future music millennials coming “Straight Outta Stuart.” The childhood of Cris Cray was influenced heavily by music, crime, drugs, economic struggles, rage, passion, and love. His parents always supported his musical vision & encouraged his inner passion for creating gifts of music. At an early age, he began writing lyrics from rap videos of the Notorious B.I.G & 2Pac. Their lyrical delivery and swag inspired Cris Cray to envision himself being a Hip-Hop Icon. Cris Cray lyrics always centered around his passion for life, swag, defining your purpose, and spiritual healing. At the tender age of 18, Cris Cray experienced the life of incarceration. During his time of imprisonment, Cris reflected on his life, mistakes, associates, and discovered a new purpose for his music. Cris Crays’ new vision for his music included him crafting lyrics which uplifted and motivated millennials. Cris Cray understood the power of God and how he saved his life during his darkest moments during incarceration. Very few millennials understand how to interpret blessings from the highest force in the universe. Cris Cray possesses the rare ability to extract raw emotions from his soul and converting them into spiritual, inspirational poems of music. In 2018, Cris Cray launched his own Multimedia Company which includes a record label, clothing line, and global merchandising. Cris Cray dropped multiple radio singles in 2018 and the lead track “Spiritual” has become a fan favorite on Spotify! The journey of Cris Cray has begun & the path is apparent on the final destination. 

Cris Cray

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