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Thank you for stopping by to check out my profile. I’m a new Artist just stepping out of the corner, I am self-produced in just about every aspect. Nicole Pazin AKA NIKKI SIX.


Things are happening quite quickly for me since deciding it was time to move forward with my passion for music. Finding the alternative way of doing this has thus been the hardest part.  I’m no millionaire, I have grown up in a small town in Wisconsin a lot of my life. This is not the “place” to be discovered as an artist, singer, musician. I’ve felt a disconnect with the world in some aspects. As if I was born in the wrong place, possibly the wrong time area.


I have always been a creative person with a huge passion for Art and Music. These have always been my outlets and ways to cope with feelings. Creativity does not come easy, I’m sure many of you can relate. I’ve been scared to just be me. Not understanding what others wanted nor needed. I do see that as I grow older I’ve become a lot more appreciative of all of my life trials and tribulations. I can look back day by day and continue to grow in a positive, more full filling nature. I have always wanted to be a positive impact on the world.


The more I grow as an individual (Self) I see that this can have a positive impact on others. No one wants to really see anyone fail. That’s hard. But, finding a way to reach out can be even harder. Sometimes it’s as if you don’t know how to respond to a situation, it’s the trying is what I found is important. ((Don’t give up ))


I was always told if there is a WILL there is a WAY. I believe that now more than ever in life.


I don’t blame anyone for misunderstandings, that’s life…….for me it’s a way of learning. Trial and Error.


Always just one of those people with a lot of idea’s and learning a way to express those.



I have so many people to thank for the support thus far, it’s amazing.


——-Dreams really do come true———





Nicole Pazin AKA Nikki Six

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