Delgany, Wicklow, Ireland


My name is Nicolaas Walle

I’m a Half-Irish, Half-Dutch Self-Produced Musician and Multi-Instrumentalist Living in Ireland.

I play Guitar, Bass (Fretless), Synthesiser and, to a lesser extent, percussion (including the triangle and the egg shaker). I also sing.

I released my first album in 2018 the day after completing my second-level school exams. Since then, I’ve continued to release music. It’s what I do.

I am also the guitarist in a band called “Vvolla”, named humorously after the often-butchered pronunciation of my surname. We make music and stuff.

My influences are eclectic, but I love Jazz, Blues, Funk, New Age/Electronica and Progressive Rock.

Some bands and artists that have influenced me include Yes, Rush, Genesis, King Crimson, Weather Report, Peter Gabriel, Camel, Gary Moore, Supertramp, Chris Squire, David Bowie, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Queen, Tame Impala, Vulfpeck and similar.


Press Quotes

“Walle of sound”- Greystones Guide, 2019

Nicolaas Walle

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