DARNELL MAC local underground artist born and raised from Detroit,MI Age:26  has been in the underground industry since 2012.

Darnell Mac: I have been into the passion for rapping since the age of twelve,since I was young I always seen myself as an artist who stands out from the average,my favorite Artist I grew up listening to are,Run Dmc,Tupac,Bone Thugs and Harmony,Biggie,Wu-tang,ect..


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This track Is Sure to Leave you gasping for air only because its so Breathe taking,Prepare yourself for some mind blowing bars with a wicked flow!!!

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New Artist Breaking through The Air wave by the name of “Darnell Mac” with an Outlandish style.,

Detroit, MI— april 1, 2019 — Darnell Mac  has dropped a breakout track. This will be the one to make the industry take notice.
This single will be the one the world takes note of. Darnell Mac has released his new single Fuck Outta Here, this single is off his latest project titled “Outspoken”. This past April he released an EP titled Mr Outspoken only on Youtube platform. His blowout song Fuck Outta Here received a lot of attention  in the Michigan state he resides with in. He brings 2000’s Hip-Hop alive.
Once you play this single you will instantly hear the passion and hunger in his voice as he paints a picture through his words. This artist is making his own sound and not blending in with the rest of the pack. He may be at the bottom of Hip-Hop, but he will not be there for long.
In the words of Darnell Mac “I never say I deserve anything but I work to earn everything.”
This is a hardworking artist who will grab your attention with his picture painting voice. Hear the passion of his work in every line.
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Darnell Mac was born Darnell Mclamore in Detroit, MI. He has been creating music since age 14 but now at 26 he has become more serious and a perfectionist with his craft and music career. Writing music  always came natural to him and is one of his specialty.Darnell Mac is determined and dedicated not only to be better in his music but also a better person in general. ” It’s my time to shine. The look on the audience’s faces, their approval and their appreciation keeps me going,” says Darnell Mac. His musical influence is Tupac and he is open to work with all artists. Im into all types of genres,so you may think thats the main reason I have such a versatile Flow, never sounding the same has just some how been apart of me since i started making Music.

Darnell Mac is multi talented and will make sure you never get bored with his music.

Darnell Mac

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