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Mike Head




Barstable, MA, United States



Mike Head’s music is a story of the inevitable triumph of the human spirit in love and life through a varying degree of songs. Sometimes they are artfully and coolly percussive in strumming technique, sometimes they have folk, blues, or jazz-like structure with pronounced and energetic leads at the end, but they all aim to create joy and spread the good word while steering to win a heart (and many hearts) at the same time. He has played open mics all over Boston and has had over a dozen songs chosen to be on Martha’s Vineyard’s well known Localmusicafe with Alison Hammond since 2010. He has been on many other internet radio stations and podcasts as well.


The Beatles have influenced Mike the most through their spirituality in their life and lyrics, as well as their huge volume of ground-breaking tunes created in such a short span of time. And he also has taken after John Lennon’s tenet not to listen to (or imitate in any way) other bands in order not to be unnecessarily influenced from his own ego and subliminal tendencies—they are pure and he believes they need to be expressed (however it comes about in the music). Bob Marley too, has shaped Mike’s very mystical take on life. Mike only wishes he could write tunes so universal to every man, woman, and child—of every background, race, or creed.


Mike’s song ‘Sunburnt’, is a terrific example of a how one hopes to meet a lover with a powerful desire—he is ready to “chide the gods above” just to make it happen. Any man could and would have the same impulse… and does. His song ‘Phoenix’ is more of a test of his spirit through an almost “baptism by fire” into a kind of rebirth with the help of his love. And ‘In time’ is a sweet song of recollection in an almost confessional manner. It is a powerful love song that has a unique, fast-paced strumming pattern with another acoustic guitar to accent his feelings through arpeggios and licks.


Mike’s oeuvre is diverse and charming and all his songs point towards that point in life where we all find ourselves happy that we know what we want and are ready to go and get it. And this ties in nicely to the music of today, as some current writers are only concerned with the moment or moods. Mike has a fresh take on a universality that promises to take off in more ways than one.


Mike has also been on’s top 20 in the city of Boston for many weeks in past. He has many fans around the world and things seem to be looking up all the time—simply growing and growing.


Mike played Djembe drum and took a music theory class in college and this soon led to him taking up the acoustic guitar. He then decided to sign up for several jazz guitar lessons at The Boston Music Company and Mike soon developed a style of his own over the next several years. He was heavily influenced spiritually by The Beatles and Bob Marley, but swore to not to learn anyone else’s songs much to many of his friend’s dismay because he didn’t want to sound like anyone else. His oeuvre slowly accumulated and he developed a uniquely percussive style of strumming his guitar while continuing to evolve his jazz chords. He was heavily influenced by Phish’s improvisation and listened to all types of music–jazz, reggae, rock, adult alternative, and blues. Over the next fifteen years he played Boston open mic’s and began to actually create a sound in the vein of Xavier Rudd, Citizen Cope, Jack Johnson, and Donavon Frankenreiter while using silk and steel strings. He was heavily influenced lyrically by his summers in Cape Cod, and he has published two books of poetry. He has had at least half a dozen songs on WMVY radio’s Localmusicafe (among others) and has developed a solid international fan base. In 2015 he came out with his debut album ‘In the Sound’ and it just starting to kick-in.


‘In the Sound’- Mike Head 2015

‘Sunburnt’- Mike Head 2017

‘Rouse’- Mike Head 2018

‘Trials of Folly’-Mike Head 2019


Lyric Sheet

Well there’s a sunburn in your eyes
That sweeps and scours the skies
And in the middle of those swirling black holes
I’m caught and pulled in too close

What am I to do when I can’t find my grip?
Whenever I’m with you I just slip
Into my favorite dream
I’m always happier than I seem

Hold right on to your heart
Cause everyday is a brand new art
Yeah, baby I need it… your crazy love
I’m about to chide the gods above!

You’re so young to be seeing off the world
It’s never too late
To draw in the tackle you’ve hurled
Go through another gate

Keep your cold and bleary eyes
on the horizon
Soon after everyone tries…
Their time has come

In the garden the trees wave goodbye
to the ones who can’t drink up
the moon in the sky…
Whatever was it there for?
-‘The Voice’

I’m a starlight in a sky turning red
My rays will never be dead
How could something come from nothing at all?
I’m coming… don’t go

Would you catch me in the haze
As the sun comes and goes?

Can you hear the bells toll
For the beggars in their holes?
They’re far gone from this world
From their homes they’ve been hurled
I can’t hide from the fact
My heart’s been left intact

Come on and let me dream….


Press Quotes

“‘In The Sound’ contains wonderful music that promotes a state of calm, peace, happiness and euphoria. The single “Picnic” reflects the overall essence of the CD by establishing a calming, lyrical, and organic structure that the other songs follow.”
-A&R Select

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Mike will be playing another open mic at O’Sheas Olde Inn and Irish Pub in West Dennis next Monday, April 13th at 7:00p.m.