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Hip Hop, Metal, Rap, Rock


DeSoto, TX, United States



The music that comes from Metal Mike and Mr. Jonez is a mash of two extreme musical identities. On one side, you have Metal Mike; a guitar playing, heavy metal, hard rocker with intense presence and strong vocal content that might be a little over the top but wonderfully placed as so you just have to enjoy it’s presence! And on the other is Mr. Jonez; the man behind the Beats and the heart of the grooves. An magical RnB background helps Mr. Jonez bring real melodies and feel to the songs, giving them the authenticity of soul in each track, and keeping Metal Mike on track when he get’s a little out of whack!


July 2014: Metal Mike & Mr. Jonez – “Y’all Ain’t Ready”

Dec 2014: Metal Mike – “Nuttz 2 Buttz” Mixtape

June 2018: Metal Mike – “Contents Under Pressure” Mixtape

Dec 2020: Metal Mike – “Quaranteen Sessions” Mixtape