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It’s incredibly difficult to find that one musical frequency that all members of a band can lock into. That sole wavelength, when discovered and experienced, can propel a band’s song writing into another dimension. In early 2018 the stars aligned and with serendipitous introductions, the Seattle band Mercy Parker was formed.
United in never settling for the ordinary and always looking to push the bounds of sonic evolution, founding members Philip C. Sudore, Jase Ihler, Chris Sloan, and Matt Mckay have created a unique sound that is indicative of their diverse musical backgrounds and life experiences.
The band has been quoted as describing their music as “gritty and melodic”. That statement is universally agreed upon. It is evident in their honest writing and emotional, hard hitting recordings that these musicians all play from their guts.
Mercy Parker’s music will take you on an emotional roller coaster of epic, soul hitting proportions. Plug in, turn up, and join them on their journey.


Broken Road


Press Quotes

“In a scene that leans more towards EPs than full albums, it’s clear Mercy Parker knows how to curate a full-length. Broken Road ebbs and flows at all the right points. Each track stands on its own and also fits seamlessly into the album as a whole, creating a 30-minute listening experience that begs to begin again. ”

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