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Melvin Bunch Delivers a Gospel Twist on Jazz

It’s not hard to argue that talent in any retrospect is genetic. Look at the actors who spawn Oscar winners, families that have numerous Super Bowl rings, and of course musicians who breed melodic offspring. That’s the case for Melvin Bunch. While serving the USA in the Army, his mother loved the drums while she was (dancing) marching. She was reprimanded by her superior for dancing instead of marching along. Her vivacious spirit was then passed along to her son, Melvin, who too picked up the drums, and other instruments along the way. Playing a total of five instruments, including the drums, Melvin has since recorded several songs on his own and is ready to work to take them to the next level.

Using his own studio packed full of instruments he’s collected over the years, Melvin has worked diligently on his music using those, a Dell computer, a 12-channel mixer board and a condenser microphone. For him, he says it’s just enough to get that professional sound. With all the tools in place he has relied on not only his innate talent passed on to him by his mother, but also the influence he’s gotten over the years from Kenny G’s sax playing, and Tony Royster Junior’s drum skills. Putting all of that together, Melvin has created several songs he hopes will be embraced by the gospel and jazz communities.

Right now his music is in the final stages awaiting their final mastering session. After that he’ll move onto copyrighting them and sending them off to BMI so the music industry can have to them in their hands. From there he plans on making music his long term career, believing that God gave him this gift for a reason. Also, with his epilepsy and Bipolar Disorder, it’s hard for him to do much else but focus on his craft.

Melvin Bunch inherited a musical gift from his mother, and has since gone on to master it despite some health setbacks. If his audacity to overcome is any indication of how great his music is, the world of gospel and jazz are about to be blown away.


Melvin Bunch could’ve been born with a number of skills, but the one that shined brightest was passed down to him by his mother. A can’t march right in the Army, she knew how to catch a beat and hold onto it – and soon her son did too. Melvin went on to learn not only the drums, but four other instruments as well. Today, despite dealing with epilepsy and Bipolar Disorder, Melvin has recorded several songs in his home studio that he is preparing for mastering, copyrighting and publishing.


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You can follow me on Multi Artist Records. Where I do my commercial jingles and movie action music and more for entertainment. Of over 20 years of experience.  I just started my work but I’ve been with my experimenting what to make for over 20 years.  And now I’m finally putting things down .

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