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Matthew Ploof has been playing and creating music his whole life. He plays drums, guitar, bass, piano, and does vocals of all kinds. Everything from heavy metal screaming and growling to rock, rap, and pop. Matthew ploof has been writing and performing his own music for almost 20 years. He has composed several orchestra scores. His brand of acoustic alternative rock has captivated many. In 2015 he released his debut EP It Would Behoove You, an instrumental, melodic, metal album. The EP, in its entirety, was written, performed, and recorded by Matthew Ploof. It truly showcases his abilities. Not just to write music and play the instruments, but also his ability to produce and engineer in a studio setting. There will be much more to come from Matthew Ploof. Music of all genres and stylings. Collaborations as well.


It Would Behoove You  2015

Matthew Ploof

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