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21 years young Hip Hop Artist residing in Sacramento, CA , The loss of my uncle and a low income home with only a grandmother to watch over me let me experience life different than normal. Losing friends and family to gun violence, affiliations with gangs and trying to get into sports molded my life to what it is today trying to find a bigger purpose in life with music being the middle man for it all.


I grew up with a family from South Central Los Angeles, Gang-Banging, Robbing, Fighting, And shootings were normal. moving to Sacramento in hopes of a better life, it wasn’t that much different, the demons go with you everywhere. trying to go to school, being a rebel was something i always was. Suspensions, constant trouble and even none recorded trouble with Law Enforcers is what i dealt with. High School wasn’t much different besides opportunities that came. Losing my Uncle and friends at 15 to gun violence, i stopped going to school for a few months. continued and eventually graduated. in honer of my uncles passing my family created the DUBBLYFE LLC (Dubb) representing my uncles nickname and (LYFE) representing LoveYourFamilyEveryday.

Fact Sheet

Family members were Affiliated with the Rolling 90s/60s Crips of South Central Los Angeles

played junior college basketball for folsom lake college




ON ME (by me under different artist name) LOWFI_MALI

FILTTHY (Only on soundcloud) Dubblyfe_mali

Lyric Sheet

This a little story dog

and no it aint no sad shit

always calling bluffs people mostly so plastic

loss a couple homies in my life its kinda tragic

gotta keep it moving they be watching so im active

Marcus,Calvin, Dubb yea i miss em thats some sad shit

theres some other ames but i dont speak about the past

fuck all the bullshit cuz of them im where im at and i cant regret the past its as simple as that.



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