Shian McAllister, known as Shishi or Sugarshi to most, was destined to be an entertainer to say the least. Born into a family of music no one can expect anything different. Her father being a gospel rapper and preacher, and mother a gospel singer. She was raised in a studio. Her father built his own studio which is where she learned the ropes and fundamentals to recording. Watching the different artist going in and out of “BroMacs”place set the path for young Shians destiny.

Growing up as a preacher’s kid life was a bit sheltered for Shian. Although she was shielded from a lot of what the “average” kid may have experienced, that didn’t stop her from wanting all life had to offer. Following the path of her parents Shian too became a gospel artist. Her voice being a bit raspy and having its own unique tone Shian became a gospel rapper. Music became a passion for young Shian. She began recording non-stop, touring, doing videos, etc. However, all the glitz and glamour began to come to a halt. As she began getting older, Shian started to feel as if she wasn’t being accepted and her voice was being silenced. As Shian began to learn things on her own, she also became distant and branched off.

Once Shian was able to leave her parents nest, she did just that. As her mind went “west” to find herself, she physically did as well. Moving clear across the country from Pittsburgh, PA to Colorado Springs, CO. Shian started putting her heart and thoughts into herself, and ShugMac was born. In the process of learning herself she knew she still loved music and she was a lesbian. Experiencing her own near death experience and life obstacles, her outlook on life changed. This is when ShugMac started doing music for her, and living for herself. Knowing there was so much in the world to do and many pentacles she has yet to reach, she took an oath with herself that she wouldn’t stop until she did just that.

Returning to Pennsylvania due to the loss of a few family members, ShugMac decided to stay for good. Having her own sound with a blend of Rock, R&B, Rap, and Hip-Hop genres, Pittsburgh,PA was then introduced to ShugMac the “Rock n B” artist. Linking up with another artist by the name of Rukkiss to work on a project titled “MacKiss” things didn’t work out as planned. However they did release two singles “Shamea” and “Like This”. Together they opened up for artists Jennifair, Jimmi Montana, and Slim Jenkinz. Moving on from there ShugMac released a solo single “Cartel” which is available for streaming on digital streaming sites.

Linking up with KK Management and Productions, LLC was a move ShugMac made midway through 2018. Since then she has released a single “Empty Thoughts” produced by YaDigzMe available on streaming sites. She has done countless shows in Pittsburgh, Detroit, West Virgina, Ohio, and more.


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