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Lwazi Nkiwane




Reading, Berkshire, UK



I’m a singer and songwriter from Reading in Berkshire in the UK.

I write songs in R&B/pop style and sing some of them.

I’m currently working on series of EPs of my own and double star-studded studio album of new material by 8 famous young actor-singers of stage and screen.

It is slated for 2018 release.


I’ve worked with James Eddings and Graeme Rawson on my EP so far.

The style of this album will be R&B/pop/dance.

My influences are mostly today’s stars and legendary divas of our time.

Lyric Sheet

Part Time Love (A feel good and tender old school R&B pop ballad in the style of Billy Ocean with
lead male vocal, 8 backing singers – 4 female and 4 male, keyboards, keyboard programming,
synthesizers, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drum programming, percussion and tenor sax
Copyright © 2007 by Lwazi Nkiwane and Samuel Capri
She was my part time lover
She was a beautiful angel
She was my part time lover
She was a good girl.
With a warm smile
Verse 1:
When she got home from work I was in the living room waiting
Then she sat down next to me
And she told me so tenderly
That she was going out with another man
I couldn’t believe it was true, so I told her that she must go to him right now.
But I felt my heart was breaking like glass hitting the floor
And shattering for she was
Chorus- Repeat
Verse 2:
She reminded me what we had was great,
That she must end it with her former lover.
But I had a funny feeling that there was something more to this
So that night we both went to a fancy restaurant
I was waiting for her to arrive
And her car pulled up outside of the restaurant
Then she was pleased to see me again
And we kissed twice then,
I held her in my arms so tenderly for a while
Chorus- Repeat2x
We went to the bar with the other guys
We sat down and had a drink
She went to the stage and sang a little blues number
I hear her voice and it sounds like Janis Joplin.
(Tenor Sax Solo)
Verse 3:
She took me home, after spending the night together
I was a bit tired but not so hung over
She was OK and didn’t want to get sick
I know you still love me, and I’ll always be loving you.
Chorus- Repeat2x
You are my part time love
You are my part time love
You are my part time love
You were a good girl
With a warm smile
You are my part time love
You are my part time love
You are my part time love
You were a good….