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Vienna, Austria



As a boy, Nachamuni spent much of his time traveling alongside his Austrian mother. They stepped foot all over Europe before settling down in Holland, where he started his schooling. Later in life, he returned to his mother’s homeland and started to work on his own passions. The biggest being music. With numerous relatives being musical, it was no surprise when Nachamuni also showed interest in audible entertainment.

With an appreciation for music literally bred into him, and his fascination with computers led Nachamuni towards electronic music. He strived to be like his idols AVICII and Deadmaus. Each respected for their talent, but also for their tenacity to do what was unexpected and original. Nachamuni admires that and puts that forth in his own musical creations.

While creating music brings Nachamuni joy, it’s knowing he’s creating something loved by others that really makes his insides light up. He notes that his discography is not only a map of where he’s been, but where he’s going and if his past releases are any indication – he is heading upwards with the upcoming releases that include Episode 1, Childish Dreams, and “Insane.”

From his heart to the fans, Nachamuni sets out each and every time to deliver music that not only entertains but ignites something in his audiences due to the story the music creates and the purpose around each release. Whether it’s showcasing the highs from a child’s view in “Childhood” to relaying the message that there is fun found in craziness in “Puff the Magic Dragon.” Each song is different in style, unique in perspective, and original in spirit.

Nachamuni was born with music in his veins and after he realized his love of computers paired well with that, he started to create original, heartfelt pieces that fall under the vast umbrella of electronic music. He’d been wary to take things further than he had in the past, but as his confidence grew – so did his opportunities. Nachamuni is aiming high in 2019 with the release of new music he plans on catching the attention of MojoHeadz Records in the near future.


My music production started about then when I started studying Computers with seventeen but as you know I have musical background from uncles and aunts of mine too.

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1991 – Birth

1993 – Holland

1996 – Austria

2009 – started studying Computers

2010 – started studying music Production


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