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Looking for your next hit? Any genre! You have come to the right place… The destination for all your needs… THE HIRED GUN!  The one man band! This is the guy. Larry Pascale….Larry ‘s career in the music industry truly speaks for itself. Premier singer, songwriter, guitarist, bassist, arranger, producer and engineer. Larry’s combination of uplifting, original sing along, melodic rock transcends all ages and genres. From ages 7 to 70 and beyond, fans are enjoying his music. Amazing hooks, melodies, harmonies, blazing guitars and songs you will keep on singing be-cause you cannot forget them. The latest release is titled, “Black & Blue”. Ten unfor-gettable songs, impeccable vocals and scorching guitars riffs the way melodic rock music should be. 



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“Not everyone can sing and play like you” Paul Wolfe Music Interview Magazine

“Just Three Days” Is now in full video shoot motion! This song is the first video release single from the album “Black & Blue”. The song is incredibly written, which display multitudes of Pascale’s musical tal- ents. “Just Three Days” is that song, when you hear it, you feel it. It comes from a personal place and that is why everyone who hears it finds it relatable on so many levels. This song is a scorcher! It offers outstanding guitar riffs, breathtaking melodies and you cannot help but be drawn in by this either musi- cally, lyrically or visually.

Teresa Turnage- Balz Magazine

Just Three Days is  Spiderwebradios most requested song of the month! December 2019. Al Matchett-Spiderwebradio

Black&Blue by Larry Pascale is the best music Iv’e heard in a long time- Mark Zastrow President Armor Gold Cables


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You thought melodic rock was gone? No way!

Larry Pascale releases his new monumental melodic rock album Black & Blue… Vocals, melo-dies, harmonies, guitars and songs you will want to keep playing and singing! This is what mu-sic is all about….

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“My approach to writing is never with the intent to write a specific genre of song. What starts to come out, comes out and I that’s what I go with… It might be heavy or harder edged rockthat is borderline metal, or very melodic rock, country swing, southern rock. I hate genres.

The songs across “Black & Blue” cover everything from pure love within my personal relation-ship, Soulmates, Jesus Christ and even criminality but with a fun twist to it. You will hear me- lodic uplifting rock with great vocals melodies, harmonies, memorable guitar solos and songs you will keep singing and remembering. I wrote everything, played everything**, and sang everything with complete passion and I hope listeners will also hear this.

I am compelled to mention there is NO Autotune Anywhere on these tracks nor any harmoniz-ers. It’s really all about the melody and the hook… the ‘SONG”; the emotion of it, the sound ofit, how you feel when you hear it, and how you feel when your finished hearing it. I believe I have accomplished what I set out to do; write an entire record of songs that I hope others willfeel are memorable and timeless. There are a lot of high points on this record for me…Guitar tones, vocal tones, it goes on…But it’s the songs I wrote, It’s the songs! I am thrilled with this record and I hope you all are too.” — Larry Pascale

Just Three Days – Video Single:

Entire new record “Black & Blue”:




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