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Jack Steven Dempsey


Navajo Nation, New Mexico USA



Jack Steven Dempsey, a true troubadour, started his musical journey as bassist for Georgia Piedmont Blues singer Eugene “Buddy” Moss and as roadie for Capricorn Southern Rockers Eric Quincy Tate. Later he joined and recorded with The Rose Hill Band a country rock group signed with The Lowery Group in Atlanta, GA.

While still in Georgia, Jack worked with Wayne Bear Sauls in The Bear Facts Band and The Gibson All Star Blues Band leading to gigs with David Alan Coe and touring with Hank Williams Jr., Willie Nelson and Neil Young. Jack began recording with singer/drummer Donnie McCormick (EQT) and Larry Bowie (The Backalley Bandits) at Bellingrath Studio in Atlanta, GA. Donnie’s album, Hell Of A Note, not only had Jack playing on 5 cuts but one of his songs, Your Fool Again, was recorded as well. Jack signed with Music From Bellingrath (BMI) as a writer and began recording his songs each time he was in Atlanta.

When Outlaw music cooled down in Atlanta,Jack saddled up and moved West. Working mostly in the horse business and booked by Cindy Olsen of Sight n Sound Austin, Texas, Jack made a living in the honkytonks and on the ranches of the west. He joined Jace n Lee as bassist and recorded an album, These Colors, which included Cherokee Rose, one of Jack’s popular songs. Some of the nightclubs Jack worked on the western circuit are the Outlaw Saloon in Cheyenne, Wyoming, The Caravan in Albuquerque, Cactus Pete’s in Jackpot, Nevada, The Million Dollar Cowboy in Jackson, Wyoming, the Lonesome Dove in Bismarck, North Dakota, The Beacon in Casper, Wyoming, The Win Place Show in Ruidoso, New Mexico and the Inn of the Mountain Gods in Mescalero to name a few.
Based out of Navajo Nation, New Mexico, where he lives with his wife Lena, Jack found the Rez bands to be a natural for Song Rider. In Navajo Land, an area the size of Great Britain, Song Rider worked with The 191 Band, The Fenders II, Twang Deluxe and Sage Bond.Jack says, ”I love working the Rez where Waylon is still the King. It doesn’t matter what is going on in the rest of the world, Gary Stewart still rules out here.” During this time he also wrote and finished songs for The Dark Wind CD. For the past two years, Song Rider has been touring bassist and musical translator for Waylon’s grandson, Whey Jennings, and his band the Unwanted.
Discography: Rose Hill Band / Hell Of A Note (MFB) Donnie McCormick These Colors (MFB) Jace n Lee  / Song Rider  Jack Steven Dempsey Anthology Vol. 1 Wayne Bear Sauls with Gibson All Star Band / cut on Brendan Dawes Dallas, TX., country artist / cut on Dixie Rose Band / with Michael Lamb (Confederate Railroad) / Jack Steven Dempsey Song Rider Returns The Dark Wind / (MFB)
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Jack Steven Dempsey, a Navajo Nation Troubadour, announces the release of his new album, Jack Steven Dempsey Song Rider Returns The Dark Wind, featuring 10 new, self-penned songs that take you on a musical journey from Macon, GA., to Mesa, AZ, as a Georgia farm boy goes West to ride in a Spring roundup, marries a full blood Navajo Woman and troubadours between the two different worlds. His testimony might make this music timeless but it is the dance grooves that move people on dance floors from The Rez and Border Towns to plush Casinos and large dance halls.

The Dark Wind pays homage to the darkness that surrounds us. Too Late To Change is an old cowboy’s story of a life working the range. Nice Things and Smoke It Over are stories of life on the Rez. Sevenfold is an intense ballad of domestic abuse and hope in the style of soul meets country. Your Fool Again speaks to a lost love making the case for another chance. Faces In The Clouds brings back memories of watching clouds and dreaming. For Jack it is a time to remember musical mentors and mates who have passed from this plane. This House Is Haunted and If You Want To Want Me are traditional country songs in the style of Ray Price. Finally, Low Rolling John Henry a Chuck Berry meets Jerry Lee Lewis country rock tune carries us out in a rocking car chase between a couple Rez boys and the Man. Produced by Larry Bowie and Paul Hornsby with Executive Producer Sandra Mcfather, recorded at Muscadine Studio, Macon, GA., and Tennessee Studios, Shelbyville, TN., the album captures Jack’s experiences on his journey as a Troubadour.

Jack Steven Dempsey is a working musician. Currently Jack opens for and is bassist for Whey Jennings (Waylon’s grandson) and The Unwanted touring throughout the country.

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