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New Orleanian and international musical performer, DJ Scandalous, releases new single inspired by love and politics.  “Why Did I Love You” is a EDM Top 40 ballad that will get people dancing to the high energy beat and nostalgic lyrics.  DJ Scandalous is no amateur to the music scene.  Since his beginnings in 2005 he has collaborated with numerous well known pop industry giants such as: Stevie Wonder, Raynard Miner, The Pussycat Dolls, Cyndi Lauper and hip-hop artists Red Cafe, Trina, Mistah F.A.B., Jadakiss, Styles P and more.

He has written and produced music for major overseas artists as well such as Matt Houston and Fabrice Sioul.  In 2014, DJ Scandalous released his solo EP, “Another Day in Paradise” which includes the single “Nirvana” (US Release) and features English singer-songwriter and grammy nominee Sam Smith.  DJ Scandalous has also created music for television and film such as Spike TV, VH1, “Heartbeats Film,” and Tyler Perry’s “Boo! A Madea Halloween.”  “‘Why Did I Love You’ started out as a way to help me cope with the loss of a relationship,” said DJ Scandalous, “I put everything into that love but in the end it just didn’t work out. After love ends you look back and see the signs that everyone told you about and the warnings you ignored.”

Although it started out as just another love gone wrong song, it also expresses emotions from the historic 2016 election.  “Once the election became the media focus it was impossible not to become glued to the TV and watch.  I think everyone can relate to that!” laughed the DJ.  “There
were things going on that I didn’t agree with and footage and articles I was reading that were really upsetting.  It was a very confusing and emotional time.  But with the help of another singer/songwriter signed with RocNation, we came up with the lyrics with both politics and love in mind.”  When it comes to the majority of his music, DJ Scandalous compiles his inspiration from the city of New Orleans, Louisiana and Los Angeles, California.  He enjoys the musical history of The Big Easy where many of the nations most famous artists arose leaving their master footprint on music forever.  “This city stands out above any other in the entire United States when it comes to music’s historical significants.  With guys like Louis Armstrong, Fats Domino and Lil’ Wayne you can’t help but be inspired.  These guys defined culture,” said DJ Scandalous.  “I use to live in Newport Beach outside of LA in California.  I was 15 steps away from the ocean.  I loved being so close to the waves.  I couldn’t stop creating music while I was there.  That’s why you hear the birds chirping at the beginning of each verse on my new single.  I created the music while I was at the park.  It brought me back to my time in Newport,” said DJ Scandalous.  “I love incorporating nature into my work and do it whenever I can. It’s the purest form of sound.”

DJ Scandalous began writing music as a career in the early 2000’s as a rapper and hip hop producer / songwriter.  Although he still loves the genre, he’s been a fan of pop music since day one and feels that is where his talent really shines.  “I always felt I was just barely above average in writing raps and noticed all the tracks people really liked bordered pop.  Even though I enjoy mumble rap and the new genres, I couldn’t see myself following that trend.  I’ve always produced and wrote pop/dance tracks.  It’s where my passion is,” said DJ Scandalous. “I love the direction EDM is heading and I need to be a part of that!” DJ Scandalous also announced he would be releasing more singles from now until the end of the year.



2011 – “Shawty A Gangsta” – Single featuring Matt Houston and Red Café (Bad Boy Entertainment artist)

2011 – “Sex Toy” – Single featuring Matt Houston and Trina (Slip-n-Slide/Atlantic artist)

2012 – “The King Is Back (LeBron James)” – Single featuring Matt Houston (featured on ESPN)

2013 – “La Gogo” – Single (featuring artist along with DJ Will on Matt Houston’s single and album “Racines” on Sony Music France)

2014 – “Nirvana (US Release)” – Single featuring Sam Smith

2016 – “Lost In The Heavens (Instrumental)” – Single

2017 – “Why Did I Love You” – Single

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