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KOOL KEN, an American music producer, rapper, DJ, motivational/inspirational public speaker & coach, born September 17, in Lincoln Heights, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Specializes in positive and true hip hop, giving inspiration and encouragement through his music and lyrics. An excellent writer whose lyrics exudes a certain spirituality and positivity. His music transcends the gangster influence of today’s music. There is no straining to hear or get the meaning of what he tries to convey. KOOL KEN has a smooth, unique, articulate sound and rap style, in which he fuses elements of Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, & even Rock & Roll into an exciting and original formula. His sound and style creates a strong mass appeal to a broad spectrum of music lovers, getting big props from the hardcore hip hoppers as well as major accolades from the kool, mellowed out R&B listeners and jazz aficionados. KOOL KEN’s third release titled “THE TRUTH” features the projected hit single “Do My Own Thang” along with 14 other songs that complete a very solid album. KOOL KEN shows wit within his lyrics as well as versatility. Most recently, KOOL KEN has founded and organized a Cincinnati Chapter of The Stop The Violence Movement. In doing so, he has done the once unthinkable by assembling some of the top musicians and artists from the Cincinnati area to collaborate and create a modern day “Self Destruction” type of song and music video titled “Stop The Violence” that features a variety of hip hop and r&b artists. He has also currently produced, directed and completed a documentary and soundtrack titled “Stop The Violence: After The Casket Closes” which is currently available on YouTube. If you are looking to add some balance to your play list, then KOOL KEN is for you. When you are given the opportunity to listen to KOOL KEN, you’ll be left inspired. “It’s Alright” is the latest release by KOOL KEN, available on all platforms, check it out!


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