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King Goldie


Alternative, Melodic, Singer/Songwriter





Allow King Goldie to take you on an expedition of behind the scenes videos, photography and unparalleled dialogue. A soothing vocal talent, King Goldie presents an unique mix of neo-soul, rap and jazz. Lyrically, memories of the past and present merges, while the piano and guitar, stylishly incorporated, emits an 80’s vibe. Currently based in Toronto, King Goldie draws upon experiences living in a musical household in New York and Regent Park. 2019 was a tumultuous year, in which careers in fashion and interior architecture came to a halt. Following the sudden changes РKing Goldie took a month to meditate and thought deeply about what was truly desired. Upon the realization that withdrawing from the corporate world would be inevitable to promote healing РKing Goldie went on to pursue a past love for acting and singing. No stranger to the spotlight, King Goldie played for Nelson Mandela at his inauguration ceremony in Toronto in 1999 and has appeared in several movies and Netflix series. At her music shows, she raps more than she sings and oh, she produces her own beats. Expect an old school/retro vibe, big fur coats, with glitzy dresses and large hats. The outfits signify a monumental contrast from her past Рthe days she longed for independence and luxury.

Not letting a history of negativity influence or downplay her vibrancy and remarkable talents –¬† she is ready to shine. She is transitioning, into the woman she was always meant to be and is truly living in her essence.¬†Follow King Goldie on her journey to take over the world.


Let her entice you into a vortex of sound.