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Miss Lyric


Acoustic, Hip Hop, Pop, RnB, Singer/Songwriter




Miss Lyric began posting videos on YouTube in late 2014 and was destined for superstardom. She been writing songs ever since the tender age of 10 and has made an effort to share her voice with the world. Lyric released her first single “Arabella (Lovely and Elegant) in late 2016 on spotify, tidal, and google play. She plans to release more music during early-mid 2017 that she says will be “music that everyone will love”.


Miss Lyric began performing at the age of 4. Her love for music came from listening to all of the great singers and musicians through her parents. Lyric’s mother first realized she had talent because of her amazing rhythm in dance. Lyric eventually joined an after school dance program when she was 6 studying ballet.

Beyond this, Lyric played piano for 3 years and then went on to join a local childrens choir. When Lyric turned 14, she joined an after school performing arts program studying dance,voice, and music theater. This would mold Lyric into becoming a great performer and vocalist.

Eventually, Lyric left the program and decided that she was ready for the world to hear her talent so she began posting covers on YouTube in 2014 and does to this day. In 2016, Miss Lyric released her first song ,”Arabella (Lovely and Elegant)” on spotify, tidal, and google play through a distribution service called Record Union.

Lyric chose to call herself the name Miss Lyric because she wants her fans to understand that every song she sings has a message and that it is important to always find the message in music because to her thar is what makes it special.

Fact Sheet

Started on YouTube in 2014
Studied musical theater and drama
Started out dancing before discovered talent in singing
Began singing in church
Favorite artists include: Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Adele,and Aaliyah
Sang with a  world-renowned Symphony orchestra



No records released.

Lyric Sheet

Song Lyrics:
Staring out at the blue sky. The clouds, they form a dream. There she sits beside the trees.A lovely and elegant queen Her voice is pure and subtle. You can hear her whispers She’s been used in this world, but She refuses to be anything less than who she is. Oooooohhh ohwohohhh She’s Arabella. The brave, the humble and sweet. She’s Arabella. The lovely and elegant queen. Her voice resonates beyond her years.Sheds tears the sound of a wave. Spins around in her flowery dress. She’s Arabella Arabella Bella (la la) She’s Arabella. The brave,the humble and sweet. She’s Arabella (la la) She’s Arabelaa Arabella Arabella She’s Arabella She’s Arabella (la la la)



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Miss Lyric Creates a Masterpiece That Will Have Everyone In Tears, March 5, 2017
Miss Lyric Creates a Masterpiece That Will Have Everyone In Tears, March 5, 2017
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Miss Lyric’s music is available on spotify,tidal, and google play.

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Miss will be releasing more music early-mid 2017.

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