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Who is Kidd DiNo? Kidd DiNo an american rapper/songwriter & CEO of G.S.B.A (Grindside of Black America)  from Lake Charles, La. He started his journey in music around 2006 and has been consistently moving forward since. Some of his accomplishments range from selling over 7,000 (hard copies) units along the gulf coast region, performing in the South by Southwest in Austin Tx in March of 2015, and has done several shows in Houston Tx, opening up for main stream artist like Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda, Rae Sremmurd, Paul Wall, Scarface, Juvenile, & even Big Kountry King of Grand Hustle. Kidd DiNo inspirations growing up where artist ranging from 2Pac, TI of Grand Hustle, Cash Money of the LATE 90s EARLY 2000s, & Nelly of the St. Lunatics. Now days music from Kidd DiNo can be found on websites such as http://www.reverbnation.com/kidddino http://www.souncloud.com/kiddsmusik and to simply know more just go to gsbaent.wix.com/kidddino, Thanks for your interest we look forward to hearing from all potential employers. 


G.S.B.A is the brand which is short for (Grindside Of BlackAmerica ENT) founded in early 2013. Kidd DiNo is a solo rap artist with a number of accomplishments. Since a youth Kidd DiNo has taking an interest in Hip-hop and for the last nine years he has consistently pursued his dreams becoming a top tier talent among indie artist. His musical influences were artist such as T.I of Grand Hustle, 2Pac, Cash Money of the late 90s early 2000s to name a few. So far Kidd has performed shows all across the gulf coast and built his name in the streets by selling thousands of units across Texas & Louisiana. 

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Born in the deep South of Lake Charles, La
this rapper/songwriter & CEO of
(GrindSide Of BlackAmerica Ent) or more widely known as (G.S.B.A)  is on a serious mission. He is quickly making a name for himself amongest indies top tier talent and his passion for music roars as he takes his career to new heights. Kidd tells us growing up his inspirations were artsit such as 2pac, Cash Money of the late 90s & early 2000s, & T.I.P of Grand Hustle to name a few. His love for music was ignited by the time he reached the age of 13. He says that during those days basketball was on his agenda, but found time to polish his writing abilities while teachers lectured. After almost dropping out in the 9th grade and failing every grade up to graduation, Kidd decieded he learned enough in school and then turned to the streets to learn life and earn a living. Kidd says he faced many challenges along the way that included jail time, drug & alchol abuse, lack of support, & even being homeless. Currently he has sold nearly 7,000 units independently (hard copies) and has done shows all along the gulf coast. You can find more of Kidd DiNo’s music on sites such as http://www.reverbnation.com/kidddino & http://www.soundcloud.com/kiddsmusik, from all of us at (G.S.B.A) thanks for your interest and support.



Kidd DiNo’s first digital release is entitled “RunnUp” prod by Logan Chapman.

Kidds latest release is entitled “Kash 4 Gold” which feats Don Ron and prod by Don Ron and both songs are available on ITunes and every where music is sold.


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