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Khris Too Lit

A southern boy, born and raised, Christopher Brundidge came up and still calls the streets of Chattanooga, TN home. It’s the place he has gone through the wringer and then some, only to emerge wiser and better for it. He took all the negativity that comes his way and spun it into rhymes for the masses as he transformed into Khris Too Lit. With a few albums already to his name, including 2019’s Suicidal Brains, he’s already plotting his next release.

Growing up Khris Too Lit was always about the music. Whether it was listening to how Tupac created straight poetry for kids like himself to the way Dr. Dre produced beats, it was all inspiring him every step of the way. That is until 2017 when Khris Too Lit decided to go from spectator to performer and drop his debut, Boss Moves. Since then he’s been on the mark, releasing new music every year since. That includes 2019’s Suicidal Brainsand the hot track, “Facts Spoken,” featuring Mute Davinci.

Like Tupac, Khris Too Lit always puts himself in his music. He’s had his heart broken and lost it all, struggled to have food on the table, wore donated clothes from his grandmother’s local church – but all the while every downside was motivating him. He pushed himself to not only be an artist but a self-taught audio engineer and producer. Making his music his way has allowed not only Khris Too Lit to embody the likes of his idols, but create his own path along the way.

That path has been paved with not only dynamic releases that showcase Khris Too Lit’s struggles and determination but also local performances as well as some in one of the biggest hip hop cities, Atlanta. With new music on the way in 2020, fans can be sure to check him out on a stage near them shortly. As Khris Too Lit doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon as he wants to continue to keep grinding to make his music, tell his story, and motivate people along the way.

Khris Too Lit

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