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If when you hear Eminem you imagine one of the best lyricist in the rap game, think again. Kevlar is a wordsmith that writes about real life situations that most can relate to and he dislikes the new generation of “Hip Hop” where 95% of main stream rappers mimick each others style by bragging about materialistic objects and how rich they are. Kevlar’s style can not be duplicated, but sounds like a mixture of Eminem, Tupac, and Big L. When asked why he is dedicated to bringing old school hip hop back that actually had substance and targeted listeners that respect competitive skill when it comes writing bars. Kevlar says the hip hop genre took a left turn down auto tune avenue and now artist play monkey see and monkey do to gain success with little or no effort. He got fed up with the new generation destroying a culture that was once respected. Kevlar’s belief is that with a pen and pad he could give fans a glimpse of the biggie and pac era when lyrics actually mattered and mumble rappers did not exist. He will drop his debut album entitled “Martial Law” and showcase his talent on stages all across the globe to cause main stream rap to fade away. He has had love for hip hop since 1996 when Tupac’s me against the world album dropped. Kevlar would have so many tears on repeat and absorbed messages about pain to the point where he was inspired to become a songwriter/rapper. Kevlar mastered his craft, by being obsessed with perfecting the art of word play, punch lines and metaphors. During his adolescent years living in Albuquerque, NM it was just a hobby that passed time, but the practice molded kevlar into the artist he is today. He was always anti-social towards people and only could speak through his lyrics. One day being surrounded by violence and criminals caused his life to spin out of control. In 2020 after spending time in several different county jails Kevlar gained his faith back in God and decided to focus on building a music career using skills he developed, while putting 100 percent effort into making this dream possible. He released a single entitled “What Happened” feat Swizzz of Funk Volume, which can be found on all major digital platforms. Kevlar founded Recovering Faith Ministries a non profit that focuses on giving inmates and drug addicts a positive outlook on life to transform into better individuals with a solid purpose, so don’t repeat same bad habits.