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Tommy Osiris


Hip Hop, Indie, Rap


Detroit/Los Angeles, USA



Tommy Osiris (also known as Tom OssI) is an American Hip-Hop/Rap artist from Detroit, Michigan who now lives in California. At age 19, he’s crafted a sound of nostalgia intertwined with a modern day appeal. He calls this sound of his, “Nostalgically Ahead of Time”. Osiris heavily uses: metaphors, similes, hyperboles, double entendres, twisted wordplay, storytelling from first to third person points of view, along with turning clichés into catch phrases. Breaking onto the rap scene with three tracks on Soundcloud in June of 2016, Tommy without a doubt has stellar veteran potential.


Tommy Osiris was born and raised on the west side of Detroit, MI. Growing up his parents played plenty of: Prince, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Erykah Badu, Sade, Tupac, and many other late greats. By having these sounds in his ear at a young age he picked up on an older essence. By 2006 he saw a video on MTV Jams, which was Lil’ Wayne’s “Sharpshooter” music video. Seeing it the first time Tommy liked the rapper’s style cooperating with the beat. Wayne would go on to be Tommy’s biggest musical influence and inspiration growing up. By 2009, he wrote his first rap in his homeboy’s basement and many close friends thought it was good. This would go on to spark the passion of the aspiring rapper, but in 8th grade he quit rapping because he simply “Didn’t think I was good enough or had the talent” says Osiris. Before entering his freshman year at Old Redford Academy, studio album “Tha Carter IV” by Lil Wayne released and Tommy purchased a copy the first week. Amazed by the metaphors on certain tracks, he was once again motivated to pick up the pen and transform thoughts into imagery for any listener. Competing in freestyles, cyphers, and rap battles going under the alias “Kevyn Osiris” in his high school’s cafeteria, outside, or in back of class during teaching sessions. Osiris met a friend with the same passion his freshman year and the two would go on to create a rap group: “CYR (Coldest Young Rappers) Brothers” with hopes of releasing a debut mixtape with tracks finished but never got the opportunity to record. By his Junior year of high school in Detroit, Tommy’s mother and him moved to Los Angeles in November of 2013. Once in LA, he enrolled in Daniel Pearl high school where he met a group of aspiring rappers and fellows who also enjoyed the art of rap. This group went on to freestyle everyday during breakfast and lunch break for the rest of that semester. In the Spring of 2014, Osiris didn’t like his stage name anymore, says it wasn’t “Fitting his style”. So taking into account how his grandmother would call him “Tommy” accidentally at times by the way he talks, carries himself, and facial comparisons create the memory of her younger brother (RIP). Leaving the last name “Osiris”, who was the god of afterlife in Egyptian myth and a synonym for rebirth/reincarnation, his name was then “Tommy Osiris” as a way of paying homage. Once high school was nearing it’s end Tommy got the chance to perform at his graduation ceremony, doing a cover of “Wiz Khalifa’s – See You Again” but with his own verses of course. Few days after graduation Osiris performed at a Track Martian hosted event “Yo LA Raps” alongside West Coast rapper ‘Bigg Al’ as a hype man and performing a song the two never recorded. Releasing three debut songs on Soundcloud in June of 2016 receiving positive feedback and over 6,000+ plays in a month, Tommy Osiris is only starting his road to Hip-Hop Hall of Fame.



Debut mixtape, “TapCard” meaning “Time And Patience Create A Reasonable Doubt” releasing mid Fall (October – November)