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KayDee912 is a artist from the south who grew up in a family that love’s music. He was inspired by most hiphop artists of the early and late 80’s of his generation of his early childhood such as LL Cool J, Slick Rick, EPMD, Outkast, Chub Rock, Wu-Tang, and many more. KayDee912 favorite hobbies were sports, playing most music instruments, singing and dancing with friends and relatives. Having a long career writing and making music with local groups in his hometown, he decided to make his presence official by becoming a solo artist with his own unique style in which gave him a lot notary by Record Labels and Fans around the world. KayDee912 has made a major impact on the world and music Industry and wants to get his music out to millions of music lovers around the globe. To listen to Kaydee912 music for free you can go to Radio Airplay @KayDee912, Jango @KayDee912, and Show you support by liking KayDee912’s music or become a fan of his music, your support will be gladly appreciated. Thanks


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