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Jutta Mahlke




Iserlohn, NRW, Germany



Jutta started playing instruments, singing and dancing being 4 yrs. old. Violin was her favorite then, so she had lessons in music school from being 9 yrs. old. Later it was the learning by doing. Guitar, keyboard, piano, choirs (church, Bochum University, Hood College, Belcanto and TakeOff choirs at Jakobstad, Aalto Choir Essen … more than 35 yrs singing for fun and pleasure) and even playing violin in DSP (Deutsche Schule Pretoria, RSA) orchestra during the summer of ’94. Guitar and singing were her main instruments at Freiburg University of Education with lessons, working at a repertoire, and exams to take, math and music education where the subjects she majored in. She was awarded a Bachelor in Freiburg 1993.

As Amity Scholar being adjunct faculty at Hood College, MD, USA being 22, she had her 1st speaking role in American Theatre and performed German pop songs and dances with FL students at college & festival in town, directing, tutoring and participating (dancing, singing & playing the guitar) in the performance. The performed showcase at the festival included popular Rock’n Roll Songs as well as traditional dance. Frederick audience seemed to have enjoyed it a lot just like the performing GFL students, dancers and singers tutored by Jutta.

Jutta then tutored 2 semesters of ballroom dance. In the summer variety she was master of the ceremony in a showcase called “Herzblatt”. She started writing songs being 11 yrs. old. Putting on music or shows, a reading sometimes, for family and friends, she also liked home studio recording, when her friends, A Capella Troubasix, started rehearsing, she made the first recording on tape for them, recorded choir concerts and radio play for school in school already (e.g. Christmas Concert, Shakespeare’s MacBeth for English), 2 interviews she recorded for Iserlohn local radio were broadcasted later in 2000 – it was their turn to the digital era then. Learning by doing – new technology is an interesting aspect to her in music, mixing, editing, sampling, even the old Orff instruments, nature sounds, traditional formats like symphonic poems to modern poetry slam, cross overs of multiple genres, eager to find the best solution possible into a better sound of music, a never-ending effort at times. No comment to AI, still not having made up her mind if she likes it or not. She definitely hopes, it will not outperform human song and music.

During her early Scandinavian teaching assignments, music and singing was integral part in her language teaching, also flute in the university’s language department’s small lecturer band on weekends. She had the opportunity to take part in a worship music CD studio production “Luft under vingarna” of a Swedish Church Choir called TakeOFF in ’96, being a regular alto/mezzo.

Jutta was awarded a Master of Arts at Bochum University and became a teacher, conducts choir and band in teaching assignments and writes music, even short musical plays. Writing short symphonic music pieces, dances and musical play, arranging music for e.g. Christmas are in-school music projects. She did it all firstly for the big Orff Instruments (xylophone, timpani, …) in a small Black Forest town with fairytale wooden watermill on the uphill footpath inspiring at the time. Later in Bochum she wrote and arranged a musical in 4th grade for their own school-leaving party and the parents. The showtime impressed herself since English was no subject in Elementary school by the time she graduated from university, even though she studied and graduated in English-teaching – prognoses was there will be English as FL soon in Elementary schools, for the 21st century and European Unity etc.. 20 yrs later – all of a sudden – whole classes in state schools are able to perform musicals on a high language level in English as FL being just 9-10 yrs. old in a cooperative way. The auditorium was packed, a long line of parents made their way up to the big hot space just beneath the roof. Jutta and the class teacher came to the stage when the musical had already started as rehearsed. All were engaged – lights and curtains, too! Actors, singers, soloists or background choir, played the handmade shadow puppets, stage crew, and did a great job then in the only world premiere and performance of that musical production, the props, the music, the singing, solo and shadow figures behind, they managed – 10 yr. olds! – parents were impressed, too. It was a short 15-minute rock musical showcase, words were adjusted and arranged dedicated to the patron of the school Michael Ende about the Ice Age in Lummerland (Prehistory) called the “The Big Melt”. A short class project for the occasion. Jutta then started writing more songs and music, partly ballroom dance music (waltzes, rhumba, jive, quickstep, ….) released her original music, singles and albums at the still inspiring opening of the new millennium. Some early work is not made for the big stages, she feels, released it anyhow, e.g. the theme of “Wechselwärme”- amphibia and fish always slow in the cold, sort of hibernating and soundless, even invisible below the ice and gradually faster when it gets warmer outside, dynamics and tempi, a theme in the Koi music period (2014-2017).

English and German are Jutta’s most fluent languages, music being the third – … wherever life may lead you may you go with a song in your heart …

Music adds spice and flavor to life and brings people together.

### Works################################

“The Silver Koi” CD, 2014, EP/album, 2017
“Kikokuryu Kingdom”, 2017 (in: Sunrid, album, 2017)

“Horch! Der Wind!”, single, 2018
“NYW – Neujahrswalzer!”, single, 2018
“Windjammer”, album, 2019

(Her repertoire is registered and listed with GEMA since 2015 – [])

… On her independently designed website you’ll find the most recent updates, links to her Radio Airplay station incl. short music videos, tweets, more info … :  Literatur-Musik
It’s swing – the wind – jazzy. The Windjammer Parade – it’s not only adventure, legends, tall ships, luxury, it’s … love! Take the green sails of the Alexander v. Humboldt. It has been one of the tall ships with adventurous turns for thousands and some even started to sail this world together on its decks. Now the 2nd of it’s kind is again home in Hamburg and the Kings of the Seven Seas have been an inspiration for writers and composers for a very long time. Children not born at the “water kant” learn from “Die große Überfahrt” in Asterix, Störtebecker, and later the anglophone tall ship stories and legends! You name it! This latest album “Windjammer” is now a song collection and some of the songs are dedicated to special people in Jutta’s life.

Another of her themes is gardening. Garden is a small paradise to care for and return to, familiar and social place. It’s the circle of life in front of your own eyes through a magnifier – nature’s course you look at it differently with every year passing. She likes traveling, and enjoys the peace and quiet of a small home for writing and music. It can open up new ways and intensify the old and familiar. Big themes can be found in the small world. You may need your ears to see. Motifs, too! e.g. Beethoven’s Ortolan (Emberiza hortulana) motiv in his 7th symphony. In late March 2019 Jutta’s garden was visited by one of these rare birds. Amphibians sound through the early spring nights, birdsong is symphony later quite impressing to name just a few! Jutta wouldn’t go as far as Darwin when it comes to birdsong being the foundation of all music. If it’s the start, not only mankind has developed music further and teaches. Concerning music, not only birds sing. Think of the wind in the trees, the materials that sound percussive. You name it. Distinguishing sound and listening can be learned. Some human languages even have sounds others don’t – e.g. the clicks in Zulu and Umlaut (ä, ö, ü …) in German. Music and song are magnifiers and tiers when words cannot be found. She hopes to always keep on making music writing music to make life and the world a better place!