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Justin Peterson


Gospel, Hip Hop, Instrumental, Rap, RnB


Weaver, Alabama, USA



 am 28 years old and live in Alabama. I have two beautiful little girls(Gabbriella and Bianca)and they are my angels. They bring so much joy to my life! I love music and how it speaks to you. Music can really paint a picture in the mind about almost anything imaginable. We as humans thrive on music. When were sad we listen to sad songs, when were happy we listen to happy songs, and so on. I have loved music since the day I was born. It flows thru my body like a virus taking hold of me. Music gives me joy that is nothing like a drug or any stimulant. My life is peaceful; I am content. I mean I still have problems but I do not let them take me down. I own them and deal with them as best I can. God has done this for me. All I did was obey him, put in work, and try to show others how great he is. I am thankful to be apart of music history! Thank you Lord.


I got into making music when I was just a kid but it was not until I joined band in the fifth grade that I chose music as a career. I taught myself how to use my first DAW(MAGIX!) At this time I started working with some other producers and they suggested I change my Daw to one that had more capabilities. I did some research and and chose FL Studio! Since then I have watched, read and, tried countless tutorials to really phone in on my craft. Truly it has been just a great experience to even have people listening to my beats!


“Puttin In That Work”

“I Decided”

“Baby I Love You(Written by Michael Walker)

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+I love Basketball

+Won 3 Awards From Poze Productions

+I actually am certified to cook




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