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Justin J. Moore


Pop, RnB


Kelowna, BC, Canada



Justin J. Moore is a native of Vernon, British Columbia. He was born into the realm of classical music as the son of two professional, Juilliard-trained opera singers. Justin is an extremely versatile vocalist who is comfortable singing anything from modern pop and rock, to classical opera. Justin has found success on Youtube and has also released several of his own songs of which he produced and played all of the instruments for. Justin has extensive experience as a guitarist, bassist, and pianist. His music style is a blend of pop and alternative rock. Justin’s voice and music style has been compared to that of Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth, Lauv, and James Blunt.


Justin J. Moore is a singer, a songwriter, a producer, and a multi-instrumentalist. He has written hundreds of songs, and has released a handful of them of which he produced by himself in his bedroom. His voice and his style have been heavily inspired by major pop artists like Lauv, Charlie Puth, Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, and James Blunt. He was inspired to begin producing music after seeing a video fo Charlie Puth breaking down his hit song “Attention”.

Justin is a self taught producer on Pro Tools. He plays guitar, bass, piano, and sings, skills which he uses to create his music.

Justin began his vocal training at the age of 7 under his parents, both of whom graduated from Juilliard with a degree in classical voice. A portion his training consisted of vowel pronunciation, breath control, diaphragmatic support, pitch control, and pronunciation and understanding of Italian, German, and French. Justin was hired by a professional symphony orchestra at the age of 9 to sing Howard Blake’s iconic “Walking in the Air”, and at age 10 singing a classical German piece titled “Best du bei mir”. Justin has continued singing alongside symphonies for the last 10 years.

Justin has extensive experience as a solo performer, and as a performer alongside other musicians. At age 11, Justin rallied his musical friends to create a band of 4 members called “Armonia” (harmony in Italian). Over the course of 10 years, the band learned over 50 cover songs, wrote and record 5 of their own, played over 250 shows across British Columbia for thousands of people, and won a battle of the bands competition deeming them the best band in their city at the age of only 17. Justin was the lead singer, bass player, frontman, and manager of the band.

Justin is also a successful music teacher and owns his own business called “Justin J. Moore Music Studios”. Through his business, he has taught over 50 individual students voice and guitar. He has also run summer camps called “Jam with Justin” where kids learned to play full songs on guitar in only 3 days.

Lastly, Justin is currently a full-time student at Okanagan College School of Business. He is pursuing a degree in marketing so that he may be a well-rounded and knowledgable member of the music industry. Justin has always approached music with a business mindset, and has paid for all of his lives expenses with the money he has made from his countless musical endeavours.


Fact Sheet

Justin can play several instruments exceptionally well

Justin is the son of 2 professional, world-class opera singers.

Justin is a professional operatic tenor

Justin is a voice and guitar teacher

Justin has a youtube video of him singing with his father that has 260k organic views

Justin produces all of his music himself in his bedroom


Press Quotes

“What do I recommend for this guy? The someone discover him and make him set for life! He is awesome.” -Bob Waltrous

“His voice reaches my soul . It is angelic beautiful and so soothing. Justin will be a very famous man as the world needs to hear him sing.” -Maria Ruiz

“This song may be speaking of a girl who is a little too reckless in his life, but it has such a hype energy and he contains this appeal within his sound, we cant get enough!” -Banger of the day

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