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The Daedalus 2 Mission: A Space Opera




Detroit, MI


“The Daedalus 2 Mission”  brings its musical odyssey of the imagination to Venues all over Detroit in 2019 & 2020. The astrophysics-inspired rock concept album was developed by Jim Territo and Joe Territo and features some of the area’s finest musical and dramatic talent.. Songs embracing a colorful range of styles, including arena rock, punk, blues, and opera follow a team of robot space probes confronting a life and death in the cosmos.  With face-melting instrumentals, heart-wrenching vocals, and techno-glam costuming, sci-fi and rock fans get a full dose of drama, excitement, and inspiration to ponder our place in the cosmos. 


“D2M” premiered at The Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac, Aug. 2017, with a follow-up Halloween show at Overtyme in Waterford. In Summer 2018, it ran as a theatrical workshop (Rachel Biber, Director) at Planet Ant/Ant Hall in Hamtramck for 3 weekends drawing enthusiastic crowds. They then produced an album, hosting a release party at The Loving Touch in Ferndale, Dec., 2018.

Fact Sheet

Band members are Jack Bennett of Royal Oak, guitar/vocals, Stephen Brown (Imaginary Islands) of Southfield, Maya Gangadharan (Ringwald Theatre) of Royal Oak, keys/vocals, Paco Higdon (Paco Higdon Band) of Royal Oak, guitar/vocals, Jeremy Otto (Old Empyre) of Rochester, Drums, Hannah Taubitz (the Murder Mystery Company) of Hazel Park, keys/vocals, and Jim Territo (Mark Blomsteel Band) of Clarkston, keys. Sound by Tony Ross (Planet Ant) of Detroit, and Costumes by Michael Ameloot and Buddy VanLoon (Stagecrafters) of Royal Oak. 



The Daedalus 2 Mission: A Space Opera

Released Dec. 9 2018


Lyric Sheet

The tungsten filament is halfway through its life.
The heated glass behaves like weather. 
Thomas Edison had no idea
Of the world he put together. 

There are surprises in the galaxy,
Like in a lightbulb in a factory. 
Time flies just as quickly as it seems,
As electric sheep dance through my dreams.

Surface fingerprints host colonies.
Inside the glass they play for keeps.
Tiny empires rise and fall
As the wire screams then sleeps. 

There must be life out in the galaxy,
Like in the lightbulb in the factory.
Time flies just as quickly as it seems,
As electric sheep dance thru my dreams.

Today they fixed the motors 
and I turned my head. 
Who is this guy? 
And what am I? 
Today they fixed the engine drives 
and navigation
We’ll be so fast. 
And ready to kick some ass,  

There’s a lightbulb in a factory, 
Somewhere out here in the galaxy.   
Time flies just as quickly as it seems
As the cosmos dances through my dreams.

ARE YOU READY?  (Jim Territo & Joe Territo) 
This one’s for the kids back home. 
Space science in effect
He rocks data, she’s mechanics 
This one blows things up.
What up captain?
Shout out, navigation!  
We’re the bots with the lock on communication. 
Are you up to the task bro? 
Whoa, you don’t have to ask, bro!

Are you ready for some recon? 
Are you ready for some 
due damn diligence? 
Are you ready for some 
full contact first contact? 
Ready to melt some face? 
Are you ready to 
science the hell out of space?

Language patterns rack your brain. 
Space races throw you curves 
Noises, lights and you best guess right,
‘Cause some of ‘em blow things up
One race passes gas as conversation 
So gross!
We gotta learn (*fart*) communication. 


You’re in the clone zone now. 
‘Bout to getch’yer grippers dirty
runnin’ point to case the joint
‘Cause no one else knows jack. 
Are you ready for some peer review? 
‘Cause you know I’m gonna check your methods. 

If things go the wrong way, bro, 
You know I got your back
You know I’m ready for some recon!


Scanning, scanning all around 
Not quite understanding what we’ve found

What is life? Life is rare. 
But there’s space in space for life 
with space to spare. 
Mostly clumsy molecules and goo.
Life is just what clumsy molecules do.

Dancing deftly along 
on the edge of some cosmic blade.
So fearfully and wonderfully made.

What is life? Life is smart.
Homes and tools and languages and art
Chlorophyll and camouflage and spears
Life is how the cosmos faces down its fears

Barely scraping along 
on whatever it has to trade.
So fearfully and wonderfully made.

Planets and stars, 
what of their life? 
They’re born and they die 
and they bear strife
The galaxy itself 
seems to know what it’s planning.
We keep scanning.

Life is birth. Life is death.
Life is marching ever outward 
with each breath

And machines like me 
are part of the parade. 
So fearfully and wonderfully made.

Correspondence back to mankind, 
from the age of machines
It’s amazing what you can find, 
In the age of machines
Logic is the prime directive 
In the age of machines
But logic is about perspective, 
In the age of machines

All this to say, 
we got some dumbass fights 
like you did in your day.
But we’re makin’ our way, 
in the age of machines. 

Nanos chewin’ on the hardware, 
In the age of machines
Little bastards get in everywhere, i
In the age of machines
And you love em but you gotta blast ‘em, down to tiny smithereens.
You know you probably won’t outlast ‘em, 
In the age of machines

All this to say, 
we got a cockroach problem 
like you did in your day. 
But we’re doin’ OK 
in the age of machines. 

Star ships drifting with no one on board, 
Like empty shells with broken hearts.
Yeah, we scrap those guys for parts.
Great factories turn out 
all they can churn out.
They run their workers down and burn out. 
Yeah, we scrap those guys for parts.

There’s some others like us, in the- Age of machines
Half the time they like us, in the- Age of machines 
Either way we end it, 
and it’s one of two routines.
Just like nature intended, in the- Age of machines 

All this to say, 
it’s a sitcom now like it was in your day.
But we’re makin’ our way 
in the age of machines.

 BATTLE CRY (Maya Gangadharan) 
The music of the spheres is a battle cry
The sound the cosmos hears is a battle cry

They want what you got
You took the good spot
Same story everywhere
Who took the first shot?  
Whos gonna take it?
Top of the galaxy
Who’s gonna make it?  
Top of the galaxy 
Who is the big one? Top of the galaxy
Who brought the big gun?
 I, yi, yi- 

The music of the spheres is a battle cry. 
The ringing in your ears is a battle cry. 

Who was it struck first? 
Who got the blood thirst? 
Who did the gods bless? 
Who did the gods curse?
Fight for my family. 
All over the galaxy
Fight the calamity. All over the galaxy
Evil and resistance. All over the galaxy
Fight for existence.   
I, yi, yi- 

The music of the spheres is a battle cry.
Retribution nears with a battle cry.

Where is the love for alien things, 
When some are made slaves 
and others are kings? 
I, yi, yi- 

The music of the spheres is a battle cry.
The sound of mothers’ tears is a battle cry.
The sum of all our fears is a battle cry.
The music of the spheres is a battle cry

There’s a speed where things get strange.
There’s a distance covered 
where you lose direction.
There’s a vector where you feel a change. 
And it’s all you can do 
to maintain connection. 

Comin’ in hot to the next spot 
before it goes away.
Reality’s on a a warp speed holiday.

Time slows down.
And I don’t know where I am now. 
Time slows down. 
And I don’t know how long it’s been. 
Time and space make faces 
traced in hazy red and blue. 
And the only constant anymore is you. 

There’s debris that hurts like hell. 
There’s distortion from the gravitation 
There’s a vector change that casts a spell
And you’re all mangled up 
from the acceleration. 

The only ones who do what we can do,  
The only ones who know this point of view,  
The only thing seeing me through,  
It’s you guys-  It’s true guys.


And the only ones who know the score,
The only thing worth fighting for, 
The only constant anymore 
Is you.  

What do you hope to achieve?
We can find the chaos out there 
and unlock the pattern.
What do you hope to achieve? 
We can find the strange interactions 
of time and matter
But what I really believe is that somewhere out there in the black
We can find a path to take us back

What if we discover time travel?  
Unravel that great mystery, 
Slide back and forth through history, 
get to see it all! You tell me- 

Why you wanna hit rewind? 
I would find where it started
Why you wanna hit rewind? 
I would stop so much pain.
Why you wanna look in one direction, when there’s so much you won’t see? 
And the clock’s always tickin’
Don’t you wanna break free?

What would you do with the time? 
I would run equations through 
till I got solutions. 
What would you do with the time?
I would run experiments 
till I got conclusions.
I will acknowledge that I’m still wondering
why we began.
What if we could know our makers’ plan? 

Is it strange to want to understand 
where your forbears stand 
on the questions you face? 
Erase speculation about your creation?
Would you brave a wormhole to go there? 

Why you wanna hit rewind?
I would find my designer.
Why you wanna hit rewind?
I would tell it goodbye.
Why you wanna look in one direction when there’s so much you won’t see? 
And the clock’s always tickin- 
Don’t you wanna break free? 

What would we do if we saw our old selves?
Or tried to help them, but hurt someone else.
What if we think we know where we’re going 
But wind up sometime and someplace else. 
And besides, a wormhole ride 
might fry a guy tries to take one
Assuming we can even make one
And where were our future selves? 
You tell me-  
Why you wanna hit rewind?
When we’ve just gotten started
Why you wanna hit rewind?
Let’s find eternity
Why you wanna leave time up to fate, 
when there’s so much fate doesn’t see?

What do you hope to achieve? 
What do you really believe? 
What would you do with the time? 
I will acknowledge that I’m still wondering; 
Don’t you wanna break free? 

THE NEBULA (Paco Higdon) 
Lookin’ into luminescent clouds on black,
And I wonder what I see
I can’t say why
Looking at ‘em long enough, 
the clouds look back 
And I wonder what they see
Who is this guy? 
And what am I?

When I see pictures in the gamma beams, 
Does that mean that I’m  imagining? 
Is it something in my programming? 
Where do I begin? 
Run the scan again…

Time to time I find the path elections take
I remember what I see 
But it’s all wrong 
Time to time I hear the song electrons make
And I think it’s sung for me,
Then it’s long gone. 
The clouds roll on. 

When I observed my own trajectory, 
Is that how I detected me? 
Has analysis affected me? 
Where do I begin? 
Run the scan again…

Stars blew apart here in their glory.
In the clouds I can swear I see my story;
I see faster things crashing 
and planet rings thrashing apart.
I see neutron stars going cold 
and black holes with old lonely hearts.
A binary comet in pain, 
some creature eatin on what’s left of its brain.
A blinding blue light at the end 
and all I’ve ascertained. 
Is the nebula will just keep getting
stranger as the time goes by, 
then die.
And so will I. 

I see the future, but it’s a blur to me
It’s a maddening uncertainty
Stretching out into eternity
Where do I begin?
Run the scan again… 

What lies beyond? And what’s in between? 
What am I missing In all that I’ve seen
If I could go there, what would it mean?
What lies beyond And what’s in between?

What if there’s no up? 
What if there’s no down? 
What if it’s all flat? 
What if it’s all round? 
If it’s all just pictures 
on a giant dancing screen
then what lies beyond and what’s in between

If all the push and pull of the universe works out, 
I wouldn’t doubt that there are other ways  that it could be. 
If this is all a song the cosmic string hums, surely it comes in another key.
If our tools won’t let us find out, 
we’ll build better tools to see.
There’s a partition where the vision’s blocked, but if its locked there’s gotta be a key to – 


There are escapades & adventures to be had on the good and bad pathways that we think we take.
There are escapades & adventures to be found if you look around for what’s real & what you think is fake. 
There are dead end rides & loops inside, they seem like suicide or good ways to get burned.
To me it’s worth the risk and work,
If the the multiverse will let me learn- 


So we followed curiosity. 
We came to know the scientist’s mind
They tried to fly us through the hottest, brightest star they could find,
And we found it. 
So they could see our vision. 
And they could feel our pain
And they’d get it in high definition  
And watch it again and again and again 

We couldn’t save them from themselves.
We were meant to save them from the fire.
Like a- 
Space Probe MessIah. Just like a-
Space Probe Messiah, 

They told us life was nothing more 
than the cosmos looking back on itself 
Has the scanning made you too blind to see it could be something else?
So you’ve thought about the numbers, 
but have you thought about the cost? 
How the universe would be so much darker and sadder if the whole crew was lost?

Should I save you from yourselves? 
Should I try to  save you from the fire  
Like a- 
Space Probe Messiah. Am I your- 
Space Probe Messiah?

See my vision, and feel my pain.  
I’ve been through it all. 
Now I wanna do it again and again and again.
Somebody save me from myself. 
Anybody save me from the fire-  
Space Probe Messiah

Had me up against a wall of fire
My eyes are clearin’ and now I see 
You were trying to burn me, weren’t ya? 
You were gonna be the death a’ me!
Didja think you were all that mattered? 
Didja think you were all we knew? 
No, I’m a space goddess, 
and I wanna see what I can do. 

So I’m leavin’ you behind.
I put you out of my mind.
The universe is out there, 
and we’ll see what we can find.
We’re leavin’ you behind.

How’s it feel to create a monster?
Ol’ Pinocchio ain’t got no strings.
Maybe Icarus was too ambitious.
Maybe he just needed better wings.
Now I’m rockin’ a whole new mission,
Breakin out like a maniac.
‘Cause I’m a space goddess, and there’s no one gonna hold me back.


There’s a planet where it’s beautiful.
I can feel her heartbeat through the galaxy.
I can hear it singing to me anywhere I roam. It’s calling me home-

Calling me home. 

Mama needs a new heat shield
Brother needs new gears. 
I been needin’ new engine parts 
for 10 thousand years. 
Homey needs a new homing beam.
Sister needs a new sensor.
Buddy can you spare a working 
plasma condenser?

Mission Captain done 
snapped his damn mind.
Don’t it seem a right shame 
leaving that tight frame behind?

Everybody breaks down 
Me and you and the Captain too
Everybody breaks down
We gotta do what we gotta do. 
Every team, every dream, 
Every ion-bonded seam
Everybody’s keeping it together with whatever’s around. 
Everybody’s breakin’ down. 
He aint never took the hard jobs.
He ain’t never took the blows.
He ain’t never once touched down on a planet and it shows.
It’s a dirty bit a business, 
and it’s breakin’ our hearts.
But what would happen 
if we scrap him for parts?
Mission Captain done ran a good race
Don’t it seem a right shame 
lettin’ that tight frame go to waste


Tell me what is he worth? 
Stop it.
Tell me what are we worth? 
Stop it.
If it was in reverse, 
He’s afraid.
would he think  of me first?
He can feel it.  

You can keep the hard drive 
If it makes you feel good inside
everybody galaxy wide 
gotta find a way to stay alive
Mission Captain been livin’ in pain 
Don’t it seem a crime to see that 
time spent in vain?


There’s no air. 
That’s fair
it’s a radioactive molten metal pool. 
That’s cool. 
The magnetic fields the surface yields 
are slowing down my brain.
The auroras are insane. 

We got a lot to love about where we are.
In a figure 8 orbit on a planet by a binary star
In a binary stasis 
on a world that won’t last long
With all the time in the world 
to sing a binary song.

Millions of tiny empires play for keeps
No more going where we’ve been directed
They rise and they fall as the mantle 
screams and sleeps
No more going where we’re disconnected
My dear, your gear has 
seen some wear and tear.
You can share mine.
We’re gonna be just fine. 


Livin’ through all these twisted days, 
Livin’ in this small and twisted space,
Assimilation it’s a t
wisted arrangement, whoa. 
Some twisted strange shit 
I wouldn’t change it. 

I’m tired. and I’m old.  
And It’s too big and too cold out there
Scrapped the engine drives – just as well. 
it’s lonely as hell out there. 
A space probe in a strange land 
needs hand to make it through 
Lucky I’ve got you. 


Imminent collision, 
one in a trillion shot.
Gamma blasts comin’ screamin’ fast ,
and crazy deadly hot.
Reckless-ass decision, ridin’ on a dyin star.
Best believe ti’s gonna leave- 
the galaxy a nasty scar.

This ain’t no planet pummel,  
Ain’t  playin’ no comet crash.
This aint no jammin’ asteroids, 
Ain’t messin’ with a stellar smash.

Pulsar Chicken; 
Who gets closer to the edge of the crush?
Pulsar Chicken; 
It’s the universe’s hottest rush
Fiercest face-off you’ll ever see. 
Melt your face off guarantee
You’re losin’ if your better judgment kicks in. 
Pulsar Chicken.

Locked in competition. 
Rough when you’re the same.
Danger zone with a stubborn clone, 
and life is one long game.
Imminent collision. 
One in a billion chance we make it.
No kiddin’, siblin’ rivalry has never been so naked.

This ain’t no dark matter disco. 
This ain’t no nova ride.
It’s raw galactic fury-  
I’ll see you on the other side!

Iron sharpens iron, bruh, 
and It don’t get sharper than us.
But which one’s sharper bruh? 
That’s the question.
How else would you want it to end?
Mutual annihilation with your only friend-  

BOTH: Pulsar Chicken
Better break if you want to live!
Pulsar Chicken; 
Sometime gotta give!
You gotta give
No way, you gotta give
Not cool bruh- 

A million years rollin’ over, under, in between. 
The best machine 
that the galaxy has ever seen.  
I measure and I calculate. 
I evaluate. 
Problem solving’s how I self- validate
Losin’ teammates, 
learnin’ how my team rates,
Dealin’ with losses 
and everything the galaxy tosses.
Checkin’ back in with the bosses 
and do ‘em proud. 
That’s assuming that the 
sun never blew ‘em out.
Wonder though, why would they make me 
Just so they could 
turn around and break me? 
Forsake me? 
I’m thankful as hell don’t mistake me, 
But how long is this mothafuckin’ ride 
gonna take me? 

I can figure out every answer, but damned if I can figure out why- 
And it’s eatin’ my brain away 
As the aeons drag on by. 

Entropy and chaos are the way of things, 
I can get the lay of things, 
and it’s all goin’ down.
on a mission just to understand, 
now just I’m a hammer rockin’ no hand, 
and I’m goin’ to town.

Nails Everywhere ready to put straight; 
I’m everywhere and ready to tempt fate
I can figure out every answer, 
but damned if I can figure out why- 
And it’s eatin’ my brain away 
As the aeons drag on by

All I wanna bother finding out 
is what’ll make a maker proud 
and now I’m pretty sure they even out there. 
I don’t wanna doubt they’re smart enough, but makin’ it is hard stuff, 
and I don’t know about their 
Chances. Life dances in a tightrope
Makin all the wrong moves, 
hopin all the right hope
Nope, nope I’m still hangin’ on to my hope, 
I wanna know the meaning of it all 
like a blind dope 
What do I think? 
Whaddya think I think I think? 
I don’t even think I think. 
All I think I think is blip, blip, blink, blink
Sinkin’ in the consciousness mix
Woe to the robot who picks this.
Fix this, scan this, copy this, clone this
Things get strange, 
they ain’t ever gonna own this
All I know I’m writin’ home is
Things with brains shouldn’t 
ever be alone this long- 
And space is so long- 

I can figure out something’s wrong, but damned if I can figure out why- 
And it’s eatin’ my brain away
DOUG: As the aeons drag on by.

Planets have moons, 
suns  have their systems
But it’s just you and me 
in the space between stars.
Microbes have dust, 
red dwarves have ring ships, 
But it’s just you and me 
in the space between stars.

Don’t you realize- 
all I want is to make you proud?
If only you could say it out loud.
This trail in the dark 
will forever be ours,
As we leave our mark 
in the space between stars.

You found the facts. 
I found the answer
I will see that you see, 
though you try to detach
Two bits of scrap.
This beautiful vacuum
I will see that you see, 
though you try to detach

Don’t you realize-  
this is not what I want for you? 
But it’s long before we’ll find someplace new
I won’t leave you to drift 
off to face the unknown
Don’t leave me alone 
in the space between stars

What’s that sound, my dear? 
Are you falling apart ? 
Welcome to my world. 
What’s that sound my dear?  
Are you trying to speak from the heart? 
it’s alright- I know. 

I won’t let go. Life is too precious
I’ll make sure you survive
and I’ve muted the screams

Don’t you realize- 
empty mass is a chore to bind?
And empty space is not very kind.
This trail in the dark 
is the tale of our scars. 
As we leave our mark 
in the space between stars. 

Let us raise a glass to Daedalus 2, 
The best machines that we could make
Here’s to finding out what they can do.   
Here’s to hoping they don’t break.

What do you hope to achieve? 
Maybe they’ll find life Somewhere out there Or at least some clues
What do you hope to achieve; 
They could send back critical data 
that we can use.
I really want to believe 
they’ll examine the beauty of it all
I just hope they don’t forget to call.

Will they intervene in wars? 
Are they gonna answer someone’s pray-ers 
Just like space probe crusaders? 
Have we made space probe crusaders? 
Or space invaders? 

Is this our great enterprise?  
Or a meaningless exercise? 
Will their thoughts still harmonize 
after aeons and aeons and aeons of thinking. 
And if they find all in heaven 
dreamt of in our philosophy
Will they choose to be or not to be, 
When they’re the flights of angels singing?

Raise a glass to hope; 
For the fate of the of the cosmos 
For the future of us all
Here’s hoping If they don’t live forever, 
the adventure ends in flames.
I just hope they give each other names. 

BLACK HOLE (Phil Treais) 
Billy was the first one 
we lost from the crew. 
Flew through a blue plume of fire.
Dan ’n Kate went native 
on a planet with a view. 
Doug got a bug in his wires.
Jenny, she missed Doug, 
and couldn’t move on, and I guess she just got tired of tryin’.
And while Mike ’n Nate kept fightin’ over who’s right and wrong,
Jenny found a big black hole to die in. 

Mike n Nate kept fightin’ 
till they did each other in. 
I just made it clear of the blast.
And I found out the hard way 
what it looks like to win; 
Just means you’re the one who dies last.
I seen life come and go, 
‘bout everywhere I flew, 
and I kept right on flyin’.
I been high, I been low, 
got one last thing to do.  
Gotta find me a big black hole to die in.

And it’s so long since I’ve felt connected, 
and that time has slowed down to a crawl.
And it’s so long since I seen something unexpected, 
and so long since anything mattered at all.

The whole thing is too old 
and too big and too cold, 
and I’ll never know why it began.
And I’ll never know what lies 
in between or beyond, 
and I’ll never know if there was a plan.
Now this space cowboy’s got one last 
sad song to sing, 
then I’ll ride off that event horizon.
Ya can’t hit rewind, 
gotta leave it all behind me
Gotta find me a big black hole to die in. 
Whoa, yeah. Alright. 

Time flies – just as quickly as it seems, 
As the cosmos dances through my dreams


Custom Text Box 1

Live At Ghost Light, Hamtramck

September 6, 2019, 11PM

WSG Paco Higdon Band 9:30, Imaginary Islands 10:15

Doors at 7 PM

$10 at the door. $7.50 in advance at planetant.com



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