Bio:  I started my music in 2012, creating my first album “World Trip Mentality”. Shortly after, I was contacted by Jason Flom of Lava Records regarding that he had sent one of my songs to his A&R Directors. Unfortunately it did not work out though. Then, Al Gomes, at “Big Noise” Music Corporation contacted me, asking me if I would like to join his Artist Roster that include bands such as The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Christina Aguilera, The Beach Boys & many more. I excepted his offer & was put on the “Big Noise” artist roster. I struggled to find work to do what I had to do. Eventually I found a job & worked as hard as I could. I struggled to fit music in as much as I could. I did shows locally & tried to promote as much as I could. In October of 2013 Al contacted me, stating that the Recording Academy had placed me on the Official Ballot for the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, for Best Rock Performance, 2 of my songs (Earth For Sale & Don’t Know). I was over joyed with enthusiasm. Unfortunately I did not qualify in the Top 5. I went on to, again, qualify on the Grammy Awards Ballot for the 57th, 58th & 59th for Best Rock Performance. Again, two songs each year (Not a Final 5 Nominee). In April 14th of 2014 my song “Don’t Know” qualified for a Coasttocoast music association event in Los Angeles CA at The Dragonfly. I also have been on the 61st Grammy Awards Ballot for Best Alternative Music Album and Best Rock Performance (Not a Final 5 Nominee0. Again, I have been on the 62nd Grammy Awards Ballot for Album Of The Year and Best Alternative Music Album (Not a Final 5 Nominee).I played in front of 3 well known producers Duane Darock, Luney Tunez & Christian Davis, one of which was a Grammy Nominated Producer. I played that show with success. My music keeps progressing, meaning it’s getting more vivid/characteristic. I am a very talented musician who has hopes to one day play in front of the World. I do not really have a music genre but tend to create what ever I come up with through my musical ear. I now have multiple music genres that I have created. I am 39 years old. I play for the World and love my fans!


These are all of the records I have released!

1)World Trip Menatilty

2)Cross Mentality

3)To Live

4)PWJazy Revolution World

5)Planet Cowboy

6)Planet Trailings

7)Dancing and Twirling

8)Burnt Love

I progress with every record. I get better beat and lift, with more Character.


Press Quotes

I was on the Upcoming Emerging Artist Chart.

I also qualified for a Coast2CoastMixTape event at the Dragonfly club in Los Angeles. There were known judges in the Music Industry at the event.


I did an interview on Video at the Dragonfly club in Los Angeles when I qualified for an event.

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