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Pittsgrove, New Jersey, United States



I was born on May 6, 1947, in South Carolina. I have always loved music and wanted to do what I’m doing now. I thank God that now I’m able to accomplish making my own music and singing my own songs.

In 1962 I joined my first music group, The Willy McCrae Boys, singing spirituals. I left them and went into the Marines in ’65 and served until 1969. I started a family 1971 and my wife Eliza would always tell me like it is and would be honest if things didn’t sound right. I joined the band, Soul Spindle Review, in 1980 and was with them until 1991. and they were only interested in doing covers and I wanted to do originals.

I didn’t know as much about music then as I do now. So I wasn’t able to go forward with my own songs until I met some God sent friends, Wayne and Steve, and that has helped to get my own songs recorded. I have always wanted to sing all my life and I know I can become very good at it because God gave me that gift and I know that he wants me to use it.

I have begun recording my next CD called “America, Oh America” and I’m working on two videos.  I have also started the writing process for the following project called, “Walking The Streets Of Glory”.


2018 No Part Time Love

2019 Sea of Love

2020 America, Oh America – Single