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Patient Zer0


Hip Hop


Russellville, Arkansas



Patient Zer0 is a hip-hop artist out of Russellville, AR. Music is not just a hobby, it’s a life. Patient Zer0 is working harder than ever to chase his deam of becoming the next big star. Music is more than just putting something out. It’s about telling a story and gaining attention on topics nobody wants to talk about. Patient Zer0 wants to do more than just be another rapper. He wants to change the world.


Patient Zer0 started writing his own music in 2016. He has since released a mixtape, an EP, an album and three singles. He takes his music career very seriously and works as hard as he possibly can every day to better himself musically.


Panorama (EP)

Don’t Forget to Forget (Album)

Get Out (Single)

What’s Next? (Single)

Rest Eazy (Single)


Fact Sheet

Patient Zer0 makes music that anybody can jump in and listen to. He raps over things that are of importance to society and stays true to himself. Patient Zer0 comes from a small town called Russellville, Arkansas, where Hip-hop music isn’t the focus. The ambition for greatness is what sets him apart from the rest.


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God Hates Rappers.,