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Jenn Lynn Jody


Sooth Bend, Indiana, USA


Song of My Own Truth
written by: Jenn Lynn Jody
March 2012; April 29, 2014; October 16, 2017; April 16, 2019

My style of song is country music. I began my love of music at age three, while memorizing countless country and rock songs. I took up piano around the age of eight. I started writing poetry and songs when I was twelve-years-old, as well as picked up guitar at fifteen after hearing Keith Urban on the radio. I also took up violin at the age of twenty-one. I have always hoped to collaborate with someone in songwriting. Writing songs is my way of life. True music has always given me meaning for life.

The most meaningful interests of my life include: my daughter, Keira Lynn, writing my own songs, as well as singing from my soul. Music has always been the first love of my life, specifically, country music. The day Keira was born she proved, to me, that love truly is beautiful.

I have always been a songwriter and a poet, as well as a singer at heart. I can spend hours on end just sitting and writing and picking guitar or messing around on the piano/keyboard. The sound of a violin/fiddle just strikes my heart down to my soul, which is why I took up the violin at the age of twenty-one. My daughter, Keira, gives me reason to live this life every day. I was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, MG, an autoimmune muscle weakness disease, in July of 2011. Keira is such an inspiration to me, making me not want to give up, even when I get so weak. She is my song that lingers into hope. Keira will always continue to be the song of my whole life.

Song is personal –Jenn

I am huge into writing my own songs (mainly a lyricist, while picking around with chords on guitar or putting some notes together on keys on the piano/keyboard or the violin/fiddle). I have been writing for several years and have taken two-and-a-half years of voice and guitar lessons. I just have never found exactly where to place my music. I always keep the hope and the prayer that success may be within the next page of my life.

“As I was singing, tonight, I felt so much power in my voice. God, I thank you for my dedicated love of song, for my immense compassion for music…Because no matter what, music has always truly been my home.” (April 16, 2019)


True Song Expressions
written by: Jenn Lynn Jody

–           Music is the melody of life, lyrics write life’s personal story -Jenn

–           Lyrics transcribe the song of life -Jenn

–           “Without music and writing I would never get through anything.” (April 10, 2019) -Jenn

–           “Music has always been my home.” (April 20, 2019) -Jenn

Fact Sheet

Jenn Lynn Jody
Music Resume

Info – Contact Email Address:

*Email Address
[email protected]

Info – Birthdate/name/place & Family:

September 15, 1984
Jennifer Lynn Szymarek
South Bend, Indiana, USA
Mother of
Keira Lynn (Daughter, Born – July 2, 2008)

Info – Music Genre/s:

 Singer/Songwriter, Musician
Country, Rock, Pop, Acoustic

Info – Life-History:

*Age 3 (1987 – )
Began singing/taking a strong interest in music

*Age 6 – 12 (1990 – 1997)
Began performing at Warren Elementary School concerts/programs in music class
Winter/Christmas & Spring concerts/programs
Music class/Choir under Ms. Shelley Anderson

*Age 8 (1992 – )
Began playing piano/keyboard

*Age 9 (1993 – )
Decided to aim/focus on pursuing a lifelong career as a professional singer

*Age 10 (1994 – 1997)
Joined Warren Elementary School Choir, performed several solos in concerts/programs
Decided to aim/focus on pursuing a lifelong career as a professional singer
Choir under Ms. Shelley Anderson
‘Go For The Gold’
‘Music Touches Children Most Of All’

*Age 12 (1996 – )
Decided to begin songwriting (poetry/lyrics/songs/music)
Decided to aim/focus on pursuing a lifelong career as a professional singer/songwriter

*Age 12 (1997)
Established/Joined Warren Elementary School Respect Committee
Music Grp/Making a difference/For a cause/For a good cause
Stop Bulling Campaign
Committee under Ms. Shelley Anderson

*Age 12 (1997)
Wrote first poem for Warren Elementary School 6th Grade Graduation Ceremony
‘Sixth Grade’

*Age 13 (1997 – 1999)
Joined Dickinson Middle School Choir, continued to perform solos in concerts/programs
Choir under Ms. Jane Voorde

*Age 14 (1999)
Placed in Dickinson Middle School Talent Show
For singing performance
‘How Do I Get There’

*Age 15 (1999 – )
Began playing guitar (acoustic/electric)

*Age 16 (2001)
Co-wrote/Copyrighted first song
Co-writer: Bruce Glaser
‘The Children Of Fate’

*Age 19 (2003 – 2005)
Began taking voice/guitar lessons
Studied under Irene & Noah Carver

*Age 20 (2004)
Singing Performance at Irene & Noah Carver’s Residence
Accompanied by Noah Carver on Mandolin
‘Mandolin Rain’

*Age 21 (2005 – )
Began playing violin/fiddle

*Age 26 (2011 – )
Began recording/posting personally/publically cover songs/self-written songs
Began recording/posting own music/music videos


Info – Music-Contacts:

*Bruce Glaser
32 Lundi Ct.
Staten Island, NY 10314-6023

*Affinity Music, Inc.
United Artist Tower Bldg.
50 Music Square West, Suite 600
Nashville, TN 37203
Audition hotline: 1-888-870-1218
$175.00 deposit

*A Recording & Songwriting Connection

*Music Recording Info
118 16th Ave. S. Suite 250 B.
Nashville, TN 37202
Jenn Lynn Jody 7151 PC

*Diamond Garden Music
P.O. Box 293294
Nashville, TN 37229
[email protected]
One of the few companies in Nashville (since 1962) that still keeps an open door to new songwriters
Recommend you send 1 to 5 songs at a time

*Paramount Song (Paramount)
P.O. Box 23705
Nashville, TN 37202

*Hunter Hayes
(Agent) Monica Palanco
24442 Wicker Rd. Trlr 49
Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284

*Rexius Records
Kate, Felisa Credo
Los Angeles, CA

Info – Music-Featured Websites:




https://twitter.com/JennLynnJody ([email protected] Jenn Lynn Jody)

https://soundcloud.com/user-901586812 (Jenn Lynn Jody)

https://www.instagram.com/jennlynnjody/ (Jenn Lynn [email protected])





*Music- Disography:

*Jenn (Album)-
Completed 2014

Song List:

(1) Angels
(Jessica Simpson Cover)
Recorded 2011

(2) Nobody’s Girl
(Michelle Wright Cover)
Recorded 2011

(3) Dead Flowers
(Miranda Lambert Cover)
Recorded 2012

*(4) That wasn’t Me
(Martina McBride Cover)
Recorded 2012

*(5) Walkin’ After Midnight
(Patsy Cline/Garth Brooks Cover)
Recorded 2012

*(6) I Turn T You
(Christina Aguilera/Jennifer Day Cover)
Recorded 2012

*(7) Amazing Grace
Recorded 2013

*(8) Baby Girl
(Sugarland Cover)
Recorded 2013

*(9) You Know How I Feel
(Bryan White Cover)
Recorded 2013

*(10) That’s What I Like About You
(Trisha Yearwood Cover)
Recorded 2013

*(11) Beautiful
(Christina Aguilera Cover)
Recorded 2014

*(12) No One Needs To Know
(Shania Twain Cover)
Recorded 2014

*(13) These Tears An’ Sorrows
Recorded 2014

*(14) Forever, Your Love
Recorded 2014

*(15) The Star-Spangled Banner
Recorded 2014

*(16) Bless The Broken Road
(Rascal Flatts Cover)
Recorded 2014

*Christmas Melody (Album)-
Completed –

Song List:

*(1) Silent Night
Recorded 2015

*(2) O Holy Night
Recorded 2015

*(3) Away In A Manger
Recorded 2016

*(4) O Come, All Ye Faithful
Recorded 2017

*Song Dreams (Album)-
Completed –

Song List:

*(1) Love Of You’re an’ I
Recorded 2016

*(2) If I Die Young
(The Band Perry Cover)
Recorded 2016

*(3) There’s More To Me Than You
(Jessica Andrews Cover)
Recorded 2017

*(4) Somewhere Over The Rainbow
(Judy Garland/Faith Hill Cover)
Recorded 2017

*(5) Always, For All My Life
Recorded 2017

*(6) Yesterday
(Paul McCartney/John Lennon/LeAnn Rimes Cover)
Recorded 2019

*(7) Just To Believe


Recorded 2019


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-“I’m always in forcus of an open opportunity involving my music.” (May 25, 2019) -Jenn

Jenn Lynn Jody


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