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Hey guys my name is Justin Williams aka “J Dubb” and I’m a 26 year old upcoming hip hop artist out of Connersville, Indiana. Yupppp you read that right hip hop artist out of a small country town in Indiana haha. Don’t let the location fool you though I promise I have alot to offer when it comes to my music and work ethic. I write, record, promote, and also mix and master all of my own material and have since I started. Although I live in a small country town I’ve still managed to build a pretty good sized dedicated following. I am currently an unsigned Independent artist. I signed with underground label Outta This World Entertainment Out of Los Angeles, California in 2015. Shortly after I flew to L.A. and met with the CEO and competed in the TeamBackpack auditions at Mission Underground Los Angeles. I didn’t end up making thr cut but I learned a lot from the experience and got to meet some of my favorite underground artist. A few months after returning I released my first mixtape with Otw titled “Arrogance At It’s Finest”. After releasing the project I seen a major increase in my following and continued dropping material and engaging with my fans. Towards the end of my contract I hosted a local show and recruited some other local talent to perform also, and brought in over 200+ people. Shortly after my contract was finished with Otw I signed with So Official Records out of Westland, Michigan. While I was with So Official Records my following continued to rise and I started flooding facebook with music and videos and obtained hundreds of thousands of views. Due to a personal dispute, and them not fulfilling all the contract obligations we decided to terminate the contract early. The same day they deleted all my material from thier pages and all my views and time went down the drain lol. Instead of letting it discourage me I started working even harder and continued releasing material and gaining fans. All I need is the opportunity to be seen and I promise I could turn my dreams into reality. I’m currently working on two solo projects and have an entire collab project finished. No matter what I always make sure I’m releasing some type of material video song, etc… I won’t stop until I know my I promise all I need is the right opportunity! Much love!
-J Dubb

Contact Email: [email protected]

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Spinrilla- https://spinrilla.com/JDubb765

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Youtube- https://www.youtube.com/Juttin765

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