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Senful Da Iceman CEO of his own label, Icey Vibe’s Records hottest rapper in PA finally gets his chance to shine!! Icey Vibe’s Records will produce music for every single type of person walking this earth no matter your mood, beliefs, music choice, or whatever else your into I we aim to relate to your personal story of your life cuz no matter the hell u seen in your life believe Iceman can match that, one love world look forward to meeting u!!!!!!
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Senful Da Iceman been a rapper for over 10 years!! He couldn’t stay out of prison long enough to produce a album. He was grinding everyday to feed his family. Finally I been home 6 years got my first album and a few mixtapes done and now I’m pushing n grinding until I explode into the music world and take my place accordingly!! Soon ill be the best rapper in the game hands down and I don’t care who takes offense to that statement or about your beliefs just listen to the music then make your judgement… One Love World can’t wait to meet u!!!!



Unsigned 99.9 DJ Broadway Joe was my Interviewer on his over the hump Wednesday show!!!!

Senful Da Iceman

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