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I was A little boy born in small town of about 1000 people. I have three sisters and and eight brothers, I am the only one of the twelve that had a dream of creating music. My parents always listened to Classical and country music in which I have always loved. When I became a teenager I discovered rhythm and blues. I really admired the feel of it all, but I still loved the songs of my youth. When I made it into adulthood I was introduced to hip hop. I fell in love with the drive and funky beats that the artist where putting down and the stories of the hard times.danger, and ghetto love that they had to tell. I also loved the stories of the country singers and the feel of the classical music that really touch my soul when I listened to it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               So today I am the owner of Truliteemotionsmusiccreations. In my music I want to put all the rhythms and and beats that I heard in my youth and adulthood into my music and create a Heavenly sound and a Golden feeling of love when my music is heard. I like creating instrumentals because it lets the listeners put there on words to the songs. In other words like on the song when the Eagle Cries it might create a sad feeling for for some listeners, in others it might be a battle cries.


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