Like most from his generation, Jacek Raganowicz was fascinated by The Beatles. From them, he gained a love of melody. At the same time, he began to explore jazz with his depth of rhythm, improvisation, and the elusive atmosphere of swing. Learning at school allowed him to explore even more. All of the above shaped Raganowicz’s approach to music. With time, the burden of interest comes clearly in the direction of jazz, but he never forgot and never fails to cut himself off from his roots.

With each passing year, his love of easy melodies has crystallized, which he later highlighted in the recording of “My Funny Valentine.” With the development of music is constantly changing, Raganowicz is constantly looking for new means of expression, something personal, unique and yet natural and easy to remember for every listener. So after years of playing standards, he was ready to implement new projects and compositions on ‘Return to Myself.’

Unique emotions accompanied the recording of ‘Return to Myself’ and inspired him to continue developing the compositions and music for the project Jacek Raganowicz Quartet alongside musicians he knew and trusted; pianist Robert Czech, bassist Piotr Wojaczek, and Kamil Cudzich on the drums. After this album’s release Raganowicz received an invitation from Canadian Music Week to Toronto, where they played a few gigs to enthusiastic audiences.

And although the Jacek Raganowicz Quartet was well received, their leading man decided to decline an offer to head back the following year, and was influenced by the situation on the global publishing market to not move forward with theirs follow up album, ‘Niagara Falls,’ but did release two of those songs on later albums.

In the winter of 2016, Raganowicz moved from Poland to Scotland, where he continues working and writing new music. A year later he received a proposal for the promotion, marketing, distribution of his catalog in North America and the world from AMG / SNY from Toronto. In 2018, the album “Return to Myself” was re-released and directed to Spotify, and his music is promoted by ITNS Radio Promotion throughout the United States.
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Jacek Raganowicz, he is a guitarist, composer, and leader of his band. Below are a few sentences, about this Record, which describe it very accurately. “…. Jacek’s technical efficiency on electric guitar and classical is amazing. Sometimes, his fluent passages reminiscent of Pat Metheny or John McLaughlin. For Raganowicz, melodies are most important. His ambition is to compose guitar themes and improvise playing such the listener was able to hum it, and later – to remember. I must admit that in most cases, the musicians manage to fulfill this task.

The themes are melodious, light, with another study, could serve as a canvas of songs. Stylistically, the album places between the delicate playing Latin, blues and jazz easy listening. It is therefore rather nice, lightly and nicely, but at the same sophisticated. It is worth reach for the “Return To Myself.” Marek Romanski, Jazz Forum Currently, Jacek is planning to record another original album with extensive instrumentation including synthesizers, percussions instruments, and vocalists. It will be a new sound of his group and he is open to cooperation with new creative arrangers and musicians.

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