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Island Rollin




Cranston, RI, United States



Hello, welcome to the new eighties sound is back! Island Rollin is the band, eighties style is the sound! Dini Dee, is the lead singer for the band, Island Rollin. Enjoy that eighties sound again, with original new songs created. Dini Dee’s music has some interesting lyrics, which listeners can relate to. Most of the songs written by Dini Dee, are about how women rejects men in terms of getting dates, and how relationships turn sour, and proves only one thing. ” Women, can’t live with them, can’t live without them.”


Dini Dee comes from a musical background, with his mother an accomplished pianist and clarinetist, Dini Dee was exposed to music in his childhood years. Dini Dee studied the violin at the early age of  eight, and performed at his elementary school on stage shows, at the age of eighteen, he began to play guitar and formed rock and roll bands with friends, playing cover songs of oldies rock music. Dini Dee’s passion for music, has led him to where he is today, a singer song writer who strives to be as unique and distinctive as possible, when it comes to creating original music.