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The Renaissance Rock Orchestra was initially conceptualized in 2011, and features performances by 27 artists and legendary rock musicians that include Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductees Yes/John Lennon drummer Alan White and guitarist Howard Leese from Heart and Paul Rodgers.

The latest release by this super group “In Times Of Olde” features performances by rock artists from legendary bands like AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Ozzy, Foreigner, Black Sabbath, YES, Heart & Whitesnake.

Renaissance Rock Orchestra’s music combines elements of classic rock and symphonic metal into a highly energetic and beautiful blend of powerful, spellbinding rock and roll majesty.


Renaissance Rock Orchestra’s music combines elements of classic rock, progressive metal and symphonic influences into a highly energetic and beautiful blend of powerful, spellbinding rock majesty. Recordings and concerts by this “Super Group” include performances by legendary rock artists. With influences from bands such as Queen, Led Zeppelin and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, music by the Renaissance Rock Orchestra features the majesty of classic rock blended into an epic symphonic powerhouse of sound.

The White Gate Trilogy

“Long ago in times of old, there was Magic In The Air. A new day dawned with a Song Of Hope, and music was everywhere…”

RRO’s 2014 release “The White Gate Trilogy EP”features world class talent including Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist from Heart, Howard Leese, the wondrous vocals of Robin McAuley ( MSG/Survivor), powerhouse drummer Brent Fitz (Slash/Alice Cooper), monster drummer Brian Tichy ( Whitesnake/Foreigner/Billy Idol), Queensryche drummer Scott Rockenfield and master guitarist George Lynch ( Dokken/Lynch Mob).

“All ye who enter here be of pure heart and ye shall fly to heaven on wings of sound” – The White Gate Trilogy

“The White Gate Trilogy” EP is an introduction to The Renaissance Rock Orchestra but is also designed for the discerning neo-classical/prog rock affecianado. The “Trilogy” refers to the first 3 songs, each an instrumental, which together encompass and create “The White Gate Trilogy”, a stepping off point for the future musical direction of this epic prog rock orchestra.

In Times Of Olde

“In Times Of Olde” features performances by some of the finest musicians in rock history including guitarists Bumblefoot ( Guns n’ Roses), George Lynch ( Dokken, Lynch Mob) and Joel Hoekstra ( Whitesnake, TSO). Vocalists include Robin McAuley ( McAuley-Schenker Group, Survivor), Mark Robert Boals ( Ted Nugent, Yngwie Malmsteen) and Tony Harnell ( TNT, Skid Row).

The iconic list of drummers on this record include Simon Wright ( AC/DC), Alan White ( Yes), Vinny Appice ( Black Sabbath, Dio), Brian Tichy ( Foreigner, Whitesnake, Billy Idol), Scott Rockenfield ( Queensryche), Ben Smith ( Heart), Roxy Petrucci ( Vixen) and Brent Fitz ( Alice Cooper, Slash).

– Thank you for letting us continue to create the magic of music!
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