Pulling from the richness of innovation rampant in the Northwestern United States, Good God Father draws the lines between the heart and mind to evoke a passion yet to be found beneath the haze and smog of industrialized society.
Crafting soulful sounds and chants from the ancient along with the modern, Lewis pays homage to standard rock sympathies, while inspiring rennovated reverence to voices and stories which made Western Civilization a once great, and mystical power in the world.
Now, in the New West, as the shadows of Global Civilization and government loom over sea to shining sea, pole to pole, meridian to meridian, Good God Father welcomes a message of hope, victory, and a luminescent courage of humble beginnings, and diligent determination to overcome the odds that are seemingly stacked against you with an expectation of better days that come through patient endurance.
Hailing from the Northwestern valleys of Oregon, after worming through set after set on stage after stage up and down I5, from Salem to Seattle, Sean rises from the mire of a murky and elusive music culture to piece together sites, sounds, and ideals that provoke a deeper sense of connectedness with the purpose of song, and its impact on humanity. Being set on such fertile grounds, former frontman of Auburn, Masonic Weird, and Martyred Whitmans, and former guitar player for Glory Days of Primetime TV and Joshua Fire, Lewis retains the soul of developmental aspirations, and channels them in to a holistic collaborative of artistic, and musical performance as a means of gripping the senses of curious public in to a moment by moment story, documenting the historical act of Life itself.
In tandem, Sean hosts a live YouTube stream, called Swandezvous, which intermittently gives updates, and broadcast sporadic performances, placing the agenda of Good God Father on the forefront of modern cultural phenomenon.
As part of the process, Good God Father intends to offer contextual information regarding necessary qualities of the music as it becomes available.
With new music on the way, the writing process continues, even without any other contributing members to the active body.
So you, now, the reader, get to be alive with this idea as it arrives before you, moment after moment, all parties are participating in the ongoing incarnation of Good God Father.


Chronicles – 2018

Good God Father

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