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Miami, FL, USA



Music since 1981
Miami, Fl Fudakochi (pronounced Foo-dah-co-chee) has been a consistent voice in the Miami music scene for many years.
As passionate singer/songwriter, producer and former Jazz, Soul and Rock and Roll student his sound expresses his music through a unique blend of soul and alternative music.

Fudakochi has coined the phase ‘Soulternative’ to describe his sound. He’s an instrumentalist and truly gifted vocalist whose musical style ranges from gospel, rock, soul, funk and operatic influences. He was raised in a family of Haitian descent. A musical family, that played Kompa, and Haitian Folk music. These musicians of his childhood played a great part in his lack of restraint as a prolific, heartfelt writer and soulful performer.

Fudakochi’s best known for his critically acclaimed 2012 release, “Alien Love (EP)”, this was the genesis to Soulternative music. It was on this album that he shares the loss of love, family and his circumstances dealing with his separation from his young daughter. As a songwriter, he is sometimes uncomfortably honest in that he shares his personal struggles in his material. Very few artists share their true feelings of hurt, pain and strife as Fudakochi does so eloquently. Real life makes for beautiful music.

Fudakochi is also known for his highly energetic live performances, which can best be described as a raw and yet captivating experience.  He pours his heart into every single note freely and openly and leaves his raw emotions on the stage. As a professional working musician, he has toured throughout the United States and Europe.
Get ready to embark on a journey with Fudakochi (Foo-dah-co-chee) the man from the purple planet, is going to take you to Soulternative planet ( The purple Planet).


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