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Frica James is an Antiguan song-writer and performer based in Boston, MA, USA. She is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to her blend of Neo Soul, R&B and pop. The sound is all about connecting with the listeners through high-energy release, heartfelt lyrics and uplifting melodies, following in the footsteps of influential artists such as Nina Simone, Sade or Jill Scott, just to name a few. By the early “noughties”, Frica set out to pursue her music career and started performing with a couple of cover bands as well as developing her own solo act. It didn’t take long before she could hit the studio to record her EP “Frica is Here”, an exciting collection of songs that displays her talent and versatility. Her brand new single “Tired” is yet another milestone for Frica, who´s impact and musicianship are stronger than ever on a song with a timeless appeal and emotional content that resonates with listeners of all walks of life.


Tired by Frica James

Frica Is Here by Frica James

A Little Taste of AhFrica by AhFrica (Frica James)


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frica james proves to be wide awake with “tired”

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boston, massachusetts – june 8, 2018 – with the same captivating essence heard within the confines of a sade record, frica james delivers an invigorating performance on her latest single “tired.”

“tired” serves up elements of neo soul that drip down the sides of this audible ambient dish. painting pictures of a metropolitan nightscape, this song has a maturity and sensuality to it thanks not only to frica’s ability to control her vocals but the beautiful way the music moves like a gymnast body during a gold-medal winning performance. it is a song one would hear alongside the likes of celine dion and lara fabian in the ac realm due to its timeless and seamless style.

singing since she was a young girl, frica james found her voice in the church choir in antigua. after relocating to america she was too shy to pursue music outside of her room. so the radio became both her partner and audience. years later she was confident enough to put the am/fm dial aside and get back to it in college. in 2003 she recorded her first song, “all your time.” 15 years later she’s still at it with “tired.” next, she will be performing at the caribbean heritage international festival and parade in philadelphia, pa on june 16th.

“tired” is a song that could play well on a variety of playlists. from modern soul to an alternative caribbean scene. those interested in reviewing “tired,” placing it on their playlists, or interviewing frica james can get in touch via the information provided below.


about:frica james is a neo soul singer-songwriter who captivates with her new single, “tired.”

contact:fnj records/black tiger musicfrica james857-222-8160[email protected]

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