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At just two years old, he began to practice piano. He took his first steps in music offering his first piano concert at 4 years old. Undoubtedly, the Artist manifested his talent from a very young age.

Recognized for always being one step ahead in terms of musical arrangements and innovations, in the 1960s Felix Pando marked a new era in Latin Rock. He is the creator of the group “La Joven Guardia”, with whom he began to sing Rock in Spanish, something that until then had belonged to the English market. More tan 30 records in Spanish, including unforgettable hits like “El extraño del pelo largo”, “La extraña de las botas rosas” (both of which he authored and which led him to worldwide recognition as well as to make two films: “El Profesor Hippie” and “El Extraño del pelo largo”), “Soy igual a los demás” and “La reina de la canción”.

In the mid-seventies, at 21, he lives in Germany, where he lived for 30 years. There he studied sound engineering, and became the renowned composer of countless films, plays, and documentaries. He composed, performed and produced countless songs and record works; among the most prominent, the German Anthem for the 1989 World Olympic Games (“Komm Wir bauen uns ein Boot”). In addition, he produced several musical productions, covering all genres. Mainly, among others, “Anthem of the olympic World Games” and the music from the children’s series “Sesamo Street” stand out. Later, in 1996, he was hired by the “Berlin Nationalen Philharmonie DDR” (the Berlin Philharmonic), to arrange and produce 7 of his most stellar works. It also produces the German rock group “BAP”.

At the same time, he worked with “The Gray Gruppe Deutschland”, where his achievements also focused on the composition of musical productions for movies, theater, documentaries and commercials.

The work entitled “The art of living” is the beginning of this phase, with two productions that stand out from this musical project: “Paradise Café” and “Tropical Garden”. In these two accomplishments, Felix Pando was accompanied by renowned musicians such as Andy Narrell and Rodolfo Mederos.

He is the creator of the musical series “Autism Music” (he studied and lived with children with autism), “Music for Babies”, “Music for Pets” and “Deco Music”. Each of his productions have been carefully created, with special techniques developed by him – and adapted to the needs of the baby, pets and adults – and are part of this wonderful musical concept with which, without a doubt, Felix Pando stands out in everything the world.

In 1999, his work and projects take him to the United States, where he currently resides. There he continues to record and produce instrumental music, fusing jazz, classical and tango rhythms with tropical and Middle Eastern sounds. It also continues to work hard on behalf of children. For them he created animated characters like “Little Blue” (“Pajarito Azul”), to teach them not to get into drugs; and “Ratamore”, which mainly raises awareness for a cleaner world and against bullying.

At the same time, he continued to organize and record music for commercials, movies, and television shows. He was a musical producer of “Caso Cerrado” by Dra. Ana María Polo (for the Telemundo network), one of the most important Latin shows, and a program nominated for the first time for an Emmy.

In 2016 he was, for two months, number one on Billboard Charts with “Si voy a perderte (Don’t Wanna Lose You)” (Il Divo / Leo Quintero & Felix Pando).

Among the distinctions obtained throughout his career, Felix Pando has two Gold Records, the San Juan Gold Cluster and the CLIO Award (Coca Cola). In 2018, he also received a special mention from Ramdon GDS Radio (Rocky Producciones) from Mar del Plata (Argentina).

But it should be mentioned that he has not only received international recognition for his music, he has also been noted for his tireless and unselfish support for many humanitarian causes. In 2009, the Argentine branch of the Universal Parliament of Religions named him Ambassador of Music. Meanwhile, in the USA, it was highlighted through a recognition of former President Barack Obama.

Today, and 50 years after the success of “El extraño del pelo largo”, Felix Pando returns to his roots. He released with great success among the Latin community in Miami the song “Y Marta nunca llegó”, a single (Spanish rock), with a catchy and danceable rhythm.

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