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Labriya El Thutmose Tehuti was born June 11, 1981, To Gloria Ann Williams. Growing up was difficult for Thutmose without his father and a stable living environment. by the age of 7 years old his mother became addicted to crack cocaine, and relocated to Atlanta GA. At this point, life begins to spiral in a downward motion filed with poverty, helplessness, and pain! By age 12 Thutmose was arrested for breaking and entering and would spend the next three years of his life in and out of state agency group homes, and detention centers! but all was not lost, maybe something was even gained, through his experiences of tragedy and struggle, Thutmose begin to express himself through writing  raps and poetry hoping his music would paint a realistic picture of the world seen through his eyes and felt through his heart, his words inspire and demand attention!.his lyrics express deep passion and emotional aggression. despite being surrounded by drugs, crime, and hopelessness, Thutmose was able to take all the negative he was given and turn it into positive energy that he desires to spread throughout the world!

EL Thutmose Tehuti

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