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No one is as surprised as El Thutmose Tehuti to be where he is today. A thriving emcee with a solidified base and years of making music ahead of him, but that wasn’t always so. The world has just met Indiana Jones, there was something “In the Air Tonight,” and everyone and their mother was watching ‘Dynasty.’

The year was 1981 and while all of that and then some were going on, Gloria Ann Williams was welcoming her son into the world. While things started well enough, by the time El Thutmose Tehuti was seven-years-old his mother had become addicted to crack cocaine. Living in Atlanta, things started to spiral out of control. His life had become a constant cycle of poverty, homelessness, and suffering. Today he looks back and channels those painful memories into songs only he could even pen. Songs of triumph, good vs. evil, the life he once had.

Still a tween, El Thutmose Tehuti was arrested for breaking and entering. For three years he was in and out of state agency group homes. Something that can leave a young man broken forever. Instead of letting the experience break him down, he found solace in writing rhymes and poetry and listening to the likes of Tupac Shakur. Not only did they share similar birthdays, but a past riddled with parental mistakes that led them down dark paths. He saw himself in Tupac and realized perhaps his story could have a musical twist as well. Strapped with a knack for words, he put all of that emotional aggression and passion towards his craft.

EL Thutmose Tehuti

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